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Forge-Mother Alga
Home City Orsinium
Location Scarp Keep
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Vosh Rakh
Forge-Mother Alga

Forge-Mother Alga is an Orc and the mother of King Kurog of Orsinium. An intelligent woman and powerful mage in her own right, Alga is seen as a stabilizing force in Orsinium when compared to her boisterous and short-tempered son. She is also the person responsible for inviting adventurers from the three Alliances to enter Wrothgar.

Related Quests[edit]


For King and Glory[edit]

After speaking to High Priestess Solgra, Forge-Mother Alga will approach and speak:

Forge-Mother Alga : "Is this one of the outsiders who responded to my invitation, high priestess?"
High Priestess Solgra : "Yes, Grand Forge-Mother."
Forge-Mother Alga : "Thank you, Solgra. I will speak to the outsider now."
Forge-Mother Alga : "Come, outsider. We have much to discuss."

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"So our ambassador finally found you? Took her damn time. But you're here now and that's what counts.
Welcome to Orsinium. Amazing how fast we rebuilt the place, isn't it? Orsimer can do anything when we work together."
I found out where the Winterborn took the stolen supplies.
"The damn Reachmen and their foul magic! It provides the Winterborn with an unlimited number of soldiers to send against us! Even so, our soldiers have dispatched all but one of their warlords—that bastard, Urfon Ice-Heart!
Where are the supplies?"
Frostbreak Fortress. I heard Ice-Heart himself guards them.
"Trinimac smiles upon us then! My son, King Kurog, has already traveled to Frostbreak Fortress to deal with Warlord Ice-Heart directly. Without a strong leader, the Winterborn threat will fade away.
You must go and tell the king about the supplies."
I'll go help King Kurog.
"There are two things my son can't resist—food and battle. When he learned of Ice-Heart's location, he rushed to deal with the warlord personally.
Help him end the threat and recover the supplies. The unification of the Orc clans depends on it!"
How will this help King Kurog unite the Orc clans?
"The Winterborn pose a threat to all of Wrothgar. Urfon Ice-Heart in particular has long been a thorn in our side.
The king issued the order to invite you to our land. If the Winterborn are defeated thanks to that order, the clans will take notice."
Doesn't King Kurog have an army?
"Of course! But many of our best warriors are off helping the alliance. Besides, the other clan chiefs are too busy seeking their own glory. My son needs someone at his side who has nothing to prove. Someone without an ax to grind.
Someone like you."
What can you tell me about the Winterborn?
"The accursed Winterborn of the Reach! Under the Longhouse Emperors, they dominated these mountains. But the mountains belong to us now.
We've driven the cowards back, but their leader—Urfon Ice-Heart—still lives. It's time to change that."
Where do I meet King Kurog?
"You can find my son at the camp outside Frostbreak Fortress. It's an old Breton fort southwest of Orsinium. We've been laying siege to the place for weeks, but Ice-Heart and his rats have burrowed deep.
Go and help my son exterminate the vermin."
Why does the king have you making these arrangements?
"This is Orsinium. Don't you know our traditions?
Kurog is king, the chief of our clan and every clan far and wide. When it comes to war, he's in command. Everything else is better left to the capable skills of his mother and wives."
King Kurog is married?
"Oh yes, and many times over! Just like any other clan chief. Noroga the hunt-wife, Tugha the forge-wife, Barazal the hearth-wife … and he has a few shield-wives as well.
They're all fine young women. Kurog's been well-matched. I've seen to that."
Tell me about High Priestess Solgra.
"High Priestess Solgra? Oh, we couldn't have done any of this without her. She upholds the ancient traditions, traditions we sorely need right now.
With her help, we will restore the true religion of the Orsimer—the religion of Trinimac!"
"Trinimac the Warrior, the Paragon. Once he was our patron, our god. He encompasses the true ideals of the Orsimer—strength, honor, and unity.
Talk to High Priestess Solgra. She speaks of Trinimac with more elegance and passion than I can manage."
Alga in the throne room

Arrive from Frostbreak Fortress and you'll find a contingent in the throne room:

Chief Bazrag: "We didn't come for a sermon, priestess. I'm just here to see Kurog."
High Priestess Solgra: "I meant no offense, Chief Bazrag. I only seek to spread Trinimac's good words."
Chief Targak: "Again with these Trinimac lies! Let me show you what Malacath thinks of your stupid words!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "Your anger is uncalled for, clan chiefs. Please excuse us, Solgra. I see our champion has returned."
Chief Bazrag: "You? They pulled you into their madness? How … disappointing."

Speak to her:

"As you can see, the clan chiefs can be a contentious lot. They oppose King Kurog at every turn—especially on matters of faith.
But tell me. Was Kurog successful? Did you defeat the Winterborn warlord?"
The Winterborn warlord is dead. King Kurog asked me to meet him here.
"I knew you'd be able to help Kurog in his mission! Perhaps now the other clans will see that Kurog is destined to lead us all.
Once all the clans unite, just imagine the power we will wield!"
Why are these chieftains here?
"The king sent for them. They are a few of the more vocal opponents to my son's plans and they refuse to bend their knees to him."
These chiefs don't agree with King Kurog?
"They are blinded by centuries of custom and tradition. They refuse to see the glory that King Kurog wants to bestow upon us all.
Instead, they stick their heads in the mud like a frightened Argonian and pretend that the old ways are so much better."
And King Kurog wants to change that?
"My son wants to free us from the traditions that hold us back. They mire us in outdated notions and restrictions.
We need to become a modern society if we want the other kingdoms to respect us. To take us seriously. King Kurog will make that happen."
I understand.

Kurog will then arrive in the room and address the other chiefs resulting in the death of Chief Targak. Speak to Alga again, and she'll comment:

"You see what the chiefs do? How they disrespect my son and refuse to accept his plans? They should consider themselves lucky that only one chief spilled blood this day!"

After speaking to Kurog, she'll say:

"I pray to Trinimac that the chiefs will learn from this experience, but I fear that their stubbornness won't be set aside so easily.
But I wanted to thank you. You helped my son and I appreciate that. Go in peace until he needs you again."

A King-Sized Problem[edit]

Turn around and you'll discover two of Kurog's Shield-Wives have joined the two of you. After a brief discussion between his majesty and his wives, the king's mother enters the place:

Forge-Mother Alga: "You will do no such thing, my son. After what happened in the throne room, this is undoubtedly a trap."
King Kurog: "I won't sit by while they attack my city!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "This problem requires a personal solution, and I have a perfect idea. Outsider, let us talk."

Speak to her and she'll share her plan:

"My son's bravery borders on stupidity. He would run off and stumble blindly into their trap without the slightest regard for his safety.
We must not allow that to happen."
Do you have a better idea?
"Oh, child, I always have a better idea!
My son's rage makes it difficult for him to see clearly. His instinct is to charge every problem straight on and beat it into submission. His enemies know this and often use it against him."
You believe the attack on the temple is a trap?
"Bazrag and the other clan chiefs know King Kurog all too well. They expect him to attack and kill the heretics, just as the heretics will kill the hostages.
Innocent lives will be lost and blame will fall squarely on Kurog's shoulders."
What do you want me to do?
"You are an outsider, with connections to Orsinium that are tenuous at best.
Enter the temple and rescue our people. If you succeed, you save innocent lives at the king's request. If you fail …. Well, at least the king won't be blamed."
Very well, I'll do as you ask.
"My request carries a heavy burden. Believe me, I know. But your actions will potentially save innocent lives and bolster the king's standing.
Do not fail me, outsider, and I will make sure that you are greatly rewarded."

Go to the temple and deal with the fanatics. Algra will be waiting for you in the main hall when you're finished:

"I'm glad to see you and the priest alive. I believe things may have played out very differently if you hadn't agreed to my plan.
But what of the high priestess? Is Solgra all right?"
The high priestess is safe.
"That is good news indeed.
I will make sure that a military contingent protects this temple going forward. It will not be left undefended again."
A military contingent?
"Increased patrols around the perimeter, soldiers assigned to guard the inside of the temple. The priests will not have to live in fear of another attack, not so long as my son is king.
I assume you know who claimed responsibility for this?"
The fanatics claimed to take orders from Chief Bazrag.
"Bazrag has never agreed with Kurog. He made threats in the throne room, as I'm sure you heard. Besides, his boldness and devotion to Malacath are legendary.
It appears Bazrag wishes to challenge our king."
If Bazrag is behind this, what should we do?
"My son needs to solidify his hold on the clans. All of the chiefs must accept Kurog as their king for the betterment of the Orsimer people.
If we gain support of the clans, we can stop Bazrag without inciting an all-out war."
Is there anything I can do to help?
"You have done much already. Many lives were in danger yet somehow you managed to make sure none were lost.
Please, take this. For being so careful with my people and keeping their safety in mind. We will find you again when the king needs you."

Finish speaking to the matron, and Solgra will join the group:

Forge-Mother Alga: "Solgra, my child, come join us. Are you injured? Should I call a healer?"
High Priestess Solgra: "Thanks to our friend, I am well and ready to serve."
Forge-Mother Alga: "Yes, our call for assistance has already proven to be a more than worthwhile endeavor."

Speak to her again and he'll repeat:

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter, outsider.
My son or I will contact you when we again require your services."

The Anger of a King[edit]

At this point, the storyline takes two different paths. One path happens if Talviah Aliaria was spared at Paragon's Remembrance. The other if Talviah Aliaria was sacrificed.

If you choose to kill Talviah Aliaria, a vision of the Forge-Mother will appear:

Vision of Alga: "You honor Trinimac and the Vosh Rakh with your actions. I knew we choose wisely when you arrived in Orsinium."
"Well done, outsider. No. I should say, well done, soldier of Trinimac! You demonstrate unwavering faith and devotion by spilling the blood of a friend in the Warrior God's name.
Welcome to the true path."
You lead the Vosh Rakh?
"Does that surprise you? My people have lost their way under the stifling traditions of Malacath. I seek to unite us on a new path, a path devoted to the true god, Trinimac!
A new age begins, an age that will see the Orsimer attain power and glory."
Does King Kurog know about this?
"My son is not your concern. You are Vosh Rakh now. Nothing else matters.
You joined at a pivotal time. Soon, Trinimac's blade of courage will pierce the heart of the moot and strike down the insolent clan chiefs. Then true unification can begin."
Won't the Orcs turn against you.
"Against me? I think not. Not when the Vosh Rakh is clearly to blame. Our purpose served, we will disband and leave my chosen scapegoat to deal with the consequences.
High Priestess Solgra is behind all this. She's the obvious choice."
You're going to blame this on High Priestess Solgra?
"We all have our purpose. The people will rally against Solgra and demand justice. Our agents are already hunting her down. Before the moot ends, we will have her.
But again, that is not your concern. You have another mission to perform."
Do you want me to attend the moot?
"The moot? No, our warriors are already in place. When the chiefs attend the moot, we will eliminate them and bring unity to our people.
Instead, I want you to join the warriors heading to the inn. Help them capture Bazrag before he can escape again."

The vision will then vanish.

The King's Gambit[edit]

Kurog will ask that you speak to him in the dining room. However, when you get there, you'll find Alga there instead:

Forge-Mother Alga: "I hear the footsteps of an outsider. Come. We need to talk."

Talviah Aliaria spared[edit]

"Ah, outsider. You never cease to surprise me.
I suppose your recent adventures were somewhat trying. Of course, sticking your tusks where they don't belong usually leads to trouble, doesn't it?"
What are you talking about?
"So proud. So sure. So certain that you do the right thing. But you defy the will of Trinimac and try to stop the inevitable by warning my son.
In short, you have begun to annoy me."
But I need to warn Kurog about the Vosh Rakh.
"The Vosh Rakh do exactly what they've been ordered to do. They will eliminate every obstacle that threatens my son. It's time to remove the clan chiefs so that Orsimer unification can begin.
This is about survival! Surely, you can understand that?"
You're behind this? When Kurog hears about this—
"No, we're done here. You think you know so much, but you're just grasping at straws.
The plan proceeds and you can't stop it. The Orsimer will rally as one under the banner of King Kurog. I have foreseen it!"
It's you! I'll stop you!
"Stop me? I don't think so!"
"The Orsimer will rally as one under King Kurog's banner! I have foreseen it!"

Talviah Aliaria sacrificed[edit]

"I am so disappointed in you. I thought when you killed your friend, you did so for Trinimac and our cause. But it seems that it was just a means to an end for you.
It's good that I see you for what you truly are before I let this go much further."
I'm going to stop you.
"I assumed as much. That's why I decided to appear in this manner. That way we can talk freely, without one of us deciding to be gauche and draw a weapon or otherwise behave badly."
Why do you need to kill the chiefs when they're willing to listen?
"The time for endless talk and debate is over. These cowards who call themselves chiefs will soon be removed and no one will remain to say no to my son. It's for the best.
Oh, and I haven't forgotten Bazrag. We'll get him too, in the end."
You won't get away with this.
"Oh, but we already have, don't you see?
The clan chiefs have gathered and the moot is about to start. Soon the news will spread that Solgra is behind the Vosh Rakh. Everything's in place, just as I have foreseen. You have failed, outsider."

The King's Gambit (continued)[edit]

You'll suddenly be bound by magic, unable to move.

Forge-Mother Alga: "Let it be known, the outsider who stands before us has betrayed our great city!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "For your actions, I condemn you and your allies to death."
Forge-Mother Alga: "A sentence you shall execute by your own hand."
Forge-Mother Alga: "May Trinimac guide your blade."

As you start to black out, Kurog will show his true colors as well. Then the world goes black.

Blood on a King's Hands[edit]

Need hostile Alga's stats

At the moot, the Forge-Mother will be there, preaching her Trinimac dogma as Kurog delivers his ultimatum to the other chiefs:

King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation—or die!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."

When Kurog attacks the gathering, Alga too will use her magics to defend her son. Kill her and Kurog will absorb her powers to use against you.


  • Alga possesses several unique animations.