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Book Information
Found in the following locations:
  • In the player's mailbox after completing a leaderboard run in Sanctum Ophidia
For Your Dauntless Deeds at Sanctum Ophidia!
by Turuk Redclaws
A letter of commendation from the Undaunted elite

This one has spread the word of your unmilksoply heroism in the Sanctum Ophidia, though some embellishment was added for the benefit of those Undaunted who did not survive the Celestial Serpent's wrath. Turuk assures you that tales of our sacrifices only add merit to your victories!

So taken were the other with these tales, that they insisted we honor you with a show of our respect. Take this and continue to conquer all threats to Tamriel with the same gusto you showed there!

Continue Undaunted to victory,

Turuk Redclaws

P.S. This one reminds you that Turuk was not daunted by the Serpent, he was merely preparing for a second bout.