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Location Spindleclutch
Spindleclutch II
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Faulor is a Bosmer member of the Fighters Guild team who went into Spindleclutch, he managed to survive but has been webbed to a cross.

Later on, he can be encountered again after the place is invaded by vampires.


Spindleclutch I[edit]

When he is found he is not pleased you just killed your way through his maddened comrades.

"You killed them! Those people were my friends. I should've been the one to put down the crazy bastards!"
Why aren't you affected by the madness, like the others?/Why are you immune?
"The others aren't sworn to serve Meridia. She protects her followers from the curses of the Daedra and the undead."
What about the others?
"Look what they've done to me! The people I knew are gone. There's naught left in them but madness. Madness, and the will of the whispers.
I take it you're immune, too?"
Looks that way.
"Fabulous. So fortunate for you. Now how about you get these webs off me?"
Okay. <Free Faulor>
Let me get you down from there. <Free Faulor>

Once he is freed he will say:

Faulor: "So may dead fools. And me, nearly one of them."

He can be spoken to again to receive the Fighter's Boon:

"I don't think I'd be much use to you in this condition. Go on, leave me here. There may be others who need your help.
And if you find a Redguard named Sud-Hareem, tell him I'm here. Tell him I'm waiting for his orders."
[Intimidate] You need to help too, you lazy Elf.
"Well. That was rude.
Tell you what. There's an old Fighters Guild secret that just might help. Here goes..."

He will begin chanting:

"For blood, for glory, for power and might,
We of the Guild will always fight.
For good or evil, day or night,
We of the Guild will always fight.
...Just so long as the price is right!"

Spindleclutch II[edit]

Once Praxin Douare's wraith is defeated, Faulor can be found in a cocoon.

Guardian Sud-Hareem: "Rest well, Praxin. You cheated at cards, but you didn't deserve this." [A noise can be heard elsewhere in the room.]
"Did you hear that?"
"There's someone alive over here!" [He reaches a giant cocoon.]
"Help me get this cocoon open." [Faulor is broken out of the cocoon.]
"Faulor? Can you hear me?"
Faulor: "Boss? They have At'avar. Their leader took him farther in the ruins. Nasty looking bloodsucker."
Guardian Sud-Hareem: "I don't care how nasty their leader is. We're smashing in every vampire head we see until I get my son back. You in?"
Faulor: "How can I say no to a plan like that?"

At this point he can be asked about fighting vampires:

"Point me at what you'd like slain."
You ever fight vampires before?
Any pointers?
"Kill them first.'
You don't talk much, do you?

After Urvan Veleth is defeated, the fighters guild group will rush into the vampire leader's lair:

Guardian Sud-Hareem: "At'avar! Where are you?"
Faulor: "I don't like this." [Sud-Hareem then sees At'avar.]
Guardian Sud-Hareem: "At'avar! Wake up! Wake up!"
Mereel: "Have to agree with the elf, boss. There's some serious magic here. This place screams 'ambush'." [A flash of bright light fills the room.]
Vorenor Winterbourne: "Ambush. What a lovely idea."

Once Vorenor is dead, Faulor can be spoken to again:

"I should have done more to fight the vampires. I'll make it up to Sud-Hareem someday."
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