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Home Settlement Chorrol
Location Oak and Crosier
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Farisel is a Nord living in Chorrol who can be found in the Oak and Crosier, sitting with Riahl and Blodrat.


His dialogue will differ depending on your Alliance and who currently controls the nearby Fort Rayles.

If the Ebonheart Pact is in control:

"Welcome! Saw some Pact soldiers heading toward Rayles. I hope to see a lot more Nord faces around here."

If you are part of an alliance that doesn't control Fort Rayles, he'll warn:

"Keep your head down, friend. The guards will attack you on sight."

However, if another alliance is in control, he will complain:

"The ale's weak, the bread's stale, and the weather's too warm. I hope this whole village slides into the fissure soon."

Gil will also approach the group to ask for their food order.

Gil Brousseau: "How's everyone doing over here?"
Farisel: "Pork for me and another drink for Riahl. And a new personality for Blodrat, please!"
Gil Brousseau: "Food and drink coming right up. Can't help Blodrat though."
Blodrat: "Keep up the jokes, Farisel. You'll be wearing that chair soon."