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Home Settlement Suran
Store Potion & Poultice
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Alchemist

Faldiniel is a Bosmer alchemist who runs her shop, Potion & Poultice, in Suran.

If spoken to, she will say, "Best mind your manners around these Dark Elves. They'd sooner put you in chains than look at you. But enough of that. You need something?", "Heard a rumor about some crazed Dark Elf running about in red night clothes. Can you imagine? Long as they don't steal my potions, that's fine with me.", "I've got the best goods that the Green can provide! Don't collect them myself, of course, but I can guarantee my ingredients are fresh.", or "I swap recipes and ingredients with Tilenra all the time. She's a true master of the craft, she is."

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