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Fabius Albus
Location Sanctum Ophidia
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Star-Gazers
Fabius Albus

Fabius Albus is a member of the Star-Gazers found at Sanctum Ophidia, he will be standing guard next to the captured Scaevola Calvisius.


If you talk to him after starting The Oldest Ghost:

"I overheard your talk with the Khajiit. I can't believe he convinced you to enter these caverns. We've been trying to get him to leave.
The Celestial Serpent stalks these caves, and he has plans for Craglorn. For all of Tamriel."
Plans? What plans? / You mentioned the Serpent has plans? What plans?
"He showed us a vision of the future—one where he escapes these caverns, and remakes Tamriel as it once was.
He will raise arboreal towers to destroy the cities of the world, awaken a dormant fire under the land. He showed us as he slew us."
And what's stopping him?
"I … I don't know. I have no doubt he is capable of doing as he claims. He slaughtered us like we were horkers.
But you may have a point. Perhaps something is keeping him from emerging."
What were you doing out here?
"We hired the Undaunted to help us clear the Scaled Court out of these caverns, but to our horror, the Serpent himself led them.
There were dozens of us. We're all that's left."
Tell me about the Celestial Serpent.
"A powerful spirit whose strength is tied to the stars. He is responsible for all the trouble the Scaled Court has sown in Craglorn.
The cult serves him, and answers to no one else."
Why are you here with the Undaunted?
"The Undaunted were hired swords. We couldn't find Fighters Guild representation out here. They were supposed to have the situation handled. I'd rather not speak about it.
We need to get out of here, and so should you."

If he is spoken to at the entrance after defeating the Serpent, his greeting will change.

You defeated the Serpent? How? We weren't certain he could be harmed.
This bears investigation."