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Execution is a tactic which is useful in longer battles, using skills and items which cause you to do more damage to enemies below a certain health threshold. There are a number of both passive and active skills that help with executing targets at low health. One useful strategy to have your primary damage abilities on one tab and an execute skill on the other, and switch over when the target's health drops below the threshold. Various addons exist which can alert you when the threshold has been passed.

Source Type Threshold Effect
Assassin's Blade (Assassination) Active Skill 25% Deals 300% more damage
Implosion (Storm Calling) Passive Skill 15% Add fixed amount when dealing Physical Damage
Kvatch Gladiator (5 pieces) Set 25% Light and Heavy attacks deal more Physical Damage
Mages' Fury (Storm Calling) Active Skill 20% Adds additional Shock Damage
Poison Injection (Bow) Active Skill (morph) 50% Deals 200% more damage
Radiant Destruction (Dawn's Wrath) Active Skill 50% Deals 330% more damage
Reverse Slash (Two Handed) Active Skill 50% Deals 300% more damage
Reverse Slice (Two Handed) Active Skill (morph) 50% Deals up to 300% more damage
Executioner (Two Handed) Active Skill (morph) 50% Deals up to 400% more damage
Sheer Venom (5 pieces) Set N/A Adds Poison Damage when using any of the Execute skills.
Slaughter (Dual Wield) Passive Skill 25% Deals 10%/20% more damage
Whirlwind (Dual Wield) Active Skill varies Deals more damage based on percentage of health