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Home Settlement Eyevea
Location Near the curved path between the guild hall and the bank
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Evening-Star-Rising is an Argonian member of the Mages Guild located on the island of Eyevea. She is accompanied by fellow mages Strikes-With-Fire and Walks-On-Air.


She does not trust the concept of Eyevea as true neutral ground for the races of Tamriel.

"This experiment is doomed to failure, mark my words. You've seen the Dark Elves here, right? "All Mages are equals" is a bitter root in my mouth."
What about all the other races? You don't trust them either?
"Pah. The Black Marsh has been raided and burned by every type of pointy-eared Elf. By Imperials, by Bretons … even the cat-men. No, I don't believe this dream of equality for a second. At least I can get soul gems at a discount."


  • Evening-Star-Rising and her cohorts are underneath the floor on or near the stairs where the Redguard bard is playing for a large group of Argonian Scholars. They have been there since launch, and have been recorded by uesplog as the world loads in. ?
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