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Location Southwest of Belarata
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Eralin is a Bosmer found near the ruins of Belarata. She was part of a caravan headed to Silvenar, only to be waylaid by the Worm Cult and their undead. She's worried her friend, Caralith, and another Bosmer they picked up along the way, Arithiel.

Related Quests[edit]


As you approach her location, southwest of Belarata, you'll hear her exclaim "Where could she be?" When you speak to her, she'll say:

"If I have to comb through the Worm Cult's filth to find her, I'll strangle her with my bare hands."
Who are you looking for?
"Arithiel. Again. I bet the Worm Cult caught her. She said she'd meet me here after going back for Caralith. They're both long overdue.
I'd go back, but someone's got to keep watch. Maybe you could help me."
Help you how?
"Check the camps near Abamath's ruins for Arithiel. I'm not as worried about Caralith. She can outrun anything, especially when she's scared.
And watch out for the Worm Cult. They've taken over Abamath."
I'll find her.
"Always the last to reach the checkpoints. Always off, foraging for squirrels, or birds, or what-have-you.
Arithiel has some explaining to do."
Can you tell me what happened?
"A Worm Cult ambush. Undead rose from the path ahead and behind. What few guards we had panicked and were killed by those monstrosities.
Only one of us managed to escape. Arithiel."
"She was traveling with us to Silvenar, a Bosmer city some distance from here. Arithiel managed to slip away in the confusion of the attack.
Later on, she snuck back in and rescued us."
What is the Worm Cult?
"The Cult of the Black Worm …. Worshippers of Molag Bal and all he stands for. They create discord and bring death across Nirn in his name.
Whatever they are up to in Abamath, it can't be good."
What is this place?/Abamath?
"Abamath was built by the Ayleids over an Orc settlement. Orcs say it's the birth place of the "Blood of Mauloch," their face-painting ritual.
The mud holds no real power, else their ancestors wouldn't have been cast from this place by the Ayleids."

After completing the quest, she'll say:

"The Worm Cult might've summoned Mauloch without your intervention. We're all grateful for what you did to stop them."
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