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Elouan Genin
Location Telvanni Peninsula
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Hlaalu
Elouan Genin

Elouan Genin is a Breton courier and member of a House Hlaalu cadet branch who can be found injured on the road leading to Necrom.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Elouan will call out for help as you approach:

"Hello there! Traveler, can you help me?"

Once you find him, talk to him to see what is wrong:

"Oh, thank the Eight! You stopped!
I've had people pass by without even a glance my way. Suppose they must think I'm bait for some sort of trap with clothes as nice as this. Really, I just need an urgent favor."
What sort of favor?
"I'm a courier for a cadet branch of House Hlaalu. My superiors tasked me with an urgent delivery to a member of the House in Necrom.
I just landed this position—I don't want to lose it. But I can't complete the delivery in this state!"
What happened to you?
"I turned my ankle. Serves me right for wearing these new boots on an assignment without properly breaking them in.
Could you find Solni Nrayn in Necrom and deliver her package for me? Happy to let you keep the reward, if it means I'll keep my job."
I'll complete the delivery for you.

After you agree to help, he will hand you Elouan's Parcel and you can ask him more questions:

"You're like a blessing from Zenithar himself.
Solni Nrayn should be at the graveyard in Necrom. As for me, I suppose I'll fashion a splint and hobble my way to a settlement—with the comfort of knowing my professional reputation will remain intact."
How exactly did you manage to turn your ankle?
"I was … indisposed for a moment off the side of the road when I thought I heard a snake.
Not ideal when you have your pants around your ankles. You can probably imagine the rest."
Do you need a healer?
"No point now. I've been waiting for so long that even if my boots were broken in, I'd still never make it in time.
Funny thing is, I bought this ensemble to treat myself for landing this position with House Hlaalu. Should've just saved my gold."
What's so important about this delivery, anyway?
"Per the courier's oath, "Your job isn't to know, it's to take the parcel and go." All I was told was that it's very important.
Between you and me, they say that for all deliveries to members of House Hlaalu. But the less I know, the better."