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Eld Angavar
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Separate plane of existence
(Northwest of Echoing Hollow on the map)
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In Ayleidoon, the lost language of the Wild Elves, Eld Angavar means "old ironwood." Perhaps the Ayleids hoped such a name would grant permanence to this strange site between worlds. If so, it seems to have worked.
Eld Angavar

Eld Angavar is a battleground set in an ancient Ayleid complex floating in an otherworldly void.

Eld Angavar was added in Update 21 and features two different maps split between the game types, with certain parts of the map being available or closed off depending on the game mode groupings:

  • Capture the Relic, Domination and Chaosball will take place on one variant.
  • Crazy King and Deathmatch will take place on the other variant.


  • Eld Angavar first appeared in Murkmire as a realm accessed from the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer. Its true name was only revealed when the battleground came out, having been called "the Golden Path" or "the Nexus" prior.
    • This is also the reason for the battleground being displayed in Murkmire, which serves as its parent zone on the map.
  • In promotional media, it is usually referred to as "Eld Angvar", but in all of its mentions in the game files, it is called "Eld Angavar".


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