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Eginir Thistlebreeches
Home Settlement Thulvald's Logging Camp
Location Logging Cabin
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Eginir Thistlebreeches

Eginir Thistlebreeches is a Bosmer found at Thulvald's Logging Camp. He is a clerk by trade, and was brought along by Thulvald to determine what went wrong at the camp.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will be sent onto the logging camp by Thulvald, who is worried about his workers. You will find Eginir in the Logging Cabin.

"Trouble in the woods? Send the Wood Elf. He can deal with it. Bah!
Why do people think all Bosmer have an affinity for nature? That's like saying all Nords love mead. Oh. Wait a moment …."
Thulvald sent me to find you.
"Well, here I am. A troll tried to eat me and a spriggan chased after me. By Y'ffre, those things give me the creeps.
I was looking for Jafelma, but instead I found a couple of woodcutters hiding in here. So I decided to join them."
Any idea where I can find Jafelma?
"One of the woodcutters saw her helping a logger near the other cabin. I was thinking of going to look for her, but then I thought about those creepy walking bushes and decided to stay right here.
I'm a clerk! I didn't volunteer for this!"
That's funny. Thulvald said that's exactly what you did.
"Of course he did. And did he tell you that my special Bosmer senses could figure out what's going on out here? Well, he lied about that, too!
The Nords claim there are forest spirits. Maybe one of the woodcutters chopped down the wrong tree."

Speaking to him again:

"The logging chief's cabin is at the other end of the camp. Just make sure you watch out for the trolls and the spriggans."

After the quest:

"I made my way back here. On my own. No thanks to Boss Thulvald.
I really need a warm bed in a nice safe inn. And a good meal. And probably a new job."
How did a Wood Elf end up in Skyrim?
"How does anyone wind up anywhere? I wanted to see the world!
Everyone thinks that Bosmer just want to hide in trees and shoot bows and giggle like children. Well, some of us want more than that."
I didn't mean to offend you.
"Sorry, but I'm still a bit rattled by all this troll and spriggan business.
Anyway, I have a way with numbers, so Thulvald hired me as his clerk. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was dodge trolls in the forests of Skyrim."
Is your name really Thistlebreeches?
"That ... I'd rather not talk about."