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Home City Firsthold
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Egilrineth is a Bosmer found in Firsthold. Before the city is retaken, she can be found outside the western gate with Lantelcare.


Talking to her outside the western gate before freeing the city, she will also take a stance against Daedra worship:

"Curse Estre. I knew she was trouble the moment she came to Firsthold. Now look at what she's doing to our beautiful city!"
What do you know about High Kinlady Estre?
"Only that I hope she rots in Coldharbour. She brought this Daedric curse upon us. Worshipping Mehrunes Dagon! It's unthinkable!"
Is everyone against Daedra worship?
"I pray you jest. Daedra worship is strictly forbidden. Only the insane would even consider it. Hence, High Kinlady Estre and her madness."

If spoken to after the siege, she'll remark:

"I hope it won't take long for things to reach a feeling of normalcy again. I thank Auri-El High Kinlord Rilis' life was spared. He'll bring Firsthold back to her former glory."