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Location Shattered Shoals, Cat's Eye Quay
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Broadhead Marines, Aldmeri Dominion

Edhelas is a Bosmer sailor under the command of Sergeant Firion. He served aboard the Little Alkosh before being shipwrecked on Khenarthi's Roost by a hurricane.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Cast Adrift[edit]

He is one of the injured marines Sergeant Firion sends you to find.

"Who are you? Were you part of the fleet?"
Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
"Alive? Good. That's good.
Waves smashed me against the ship. Cracked a few ribs. Not the best feeling."

If you carry any Torchbug Treacle:

Sergeant Firion said this torchbug treacle would help.
"Tastes like sandals boiled in mint perfume. But if it knits my ribs, I'll drink the whole bottle."

If you do not carry any torchbug treacle with you, you can offer to find some, or send him anyway:

Sergeant Firion expects you. You need to go, now.
"I can manage. Talking makes me cough up blood. So I'll quit jabbering."
I'll look for the rest of your squad.
Sergeant Firion saw bottles of torchbug treacle on the beach. I'll go find some for you.

Ends conversation, once you return with some torchbug treacle, he'll say, "Glow juice? You find some?" If you haven't found the other marines yet:

I'll look for the rest of your squad.
"Good. I'll find Sergeant Firion. Go. Get them back safe."

If he is the last one to find, he'll give you some extra information:

I found everyone in your squad.
"Lieutenant Gelin pulled me ashore. Went to find shelter. Never came back.
Headed to a nearby cave. Find him. Tell him we're all safe."

If you talk with him again before leaving, he will tell you:

"Never crack your ribs. Like someone stabs your lungs with needles.
From inside your lungs."

When you exit the cave Gelin went into, Edhelas and the others will be waiting for you outside. He will have become optimistic about his injury.

"Been thinking. If I were bigger, waves would've smashed me even harder. Punctured lung, cracked skull?
Never thought being this short would come in handy."

However, after you confirm the lieutenant's death with Firion, he will instead say:

"Lieutenant Gelin pulled me out of the water. Owed him my life.
Not too late to pay him back."

Edhelas and the rest of the squad will meet up with you once you arrive at the Prowler, which he will comment on, "Nice ship." Depending on his current injuries, he can be sent out to retrieve the helmsman's wheel to repair the ship.

Afterwards he can be found on the deck of the ship, "See you in Mistral. Going to lie down in a bit."

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

During the quest, he is found in one of the houses in Cat's Eye Quay, tending to the injured Onglorn.

Squad got separated. Nistel and I found Onglorn. They hurt him bad."
What happened to him?
"Sea Vipers carved runes in his chest. I grabbed him. Nistel held them off."
Where is Nistel?
"Hunting Sea Vipers.
If you see her? Tell her Onglorn will be all right."
Did you learn what the Sea Vipers plan for Mistral?
"Saw a lot of them near the docks. Try there."

If you chose to partner up with Sergeant Firion earlier, she will tell him:

Sergeant Firion: "You've done your part. Get back to Mistral when you can."
Edhelas by the dock

After the quest, he's part of the crowd standing on the shore.

"We swept the shoreline. Commander Karinith captured some Maormer. The Green Lady slaughtered the rest.
You fought well."