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Dorothella Virien
Home City Evermore
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Dorothella Virien

Dorothella Virien is a Breton found in the city of Evermore. You'll find her south of the Evermore Smithy in front of the town stocks where she occasionally chats with Slagwug. Other than her conversation with Slagwug, she cannot be interacted with and has no unique dialogue.

"Oh, not this story again!"


Slagwug and Dorothella Virien will have the following conversation when approached:

Slagwug : "By Mauloch, It's good to be able to look up to a clear sky."
Dorothella Virien : "I heard the crows were being controlled by a Hagraven out in Jackdaw Cove."
Slagwug : "That would make sense. Afterall, I did see a whole mess of them tear a man to pieces right in front of me."
Dorothella Virien : "Oh, not this story again! Look, the important thing is that she's dead."
Slagwug : "Well the bird-catchers won't like it, but whomever killed that monster is a hero through and through. Evermore might survive after all."