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Disciplined Slash (Perfected) is an Asylum Weapons item set awarded from Asylum Sanctorium from defeating Saint Olms the Just. If you do so at Normal difficulty, you will receive the Disciplined Slash set items instead, which generate 14 Ultimate instead of 15.

Set pieces are Apostle Style.


2 items: Adds 20-877 Maximum Stamina
2 items: When you deal damage with Reverse Slash, you generate up to 12 Ultimate based on how much execute bonus damage it dealt.


The set consists of Two Handed melee weapons in all traits. For detailed weapon stats and set values, see individual item pages by clicking on the links below.


  • While the description states that 2 items are required, this is because 2-handed weapons count as 2 items by themselves, so only 1 item is actually needed.