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The Wood Elves say that to be followed by a friendly Torchbug is an infallible sign of good fortune. Of course, they also catch them, dry them out, and smoke them in pipes.
Devoted Torchbug
ON-icon-pet-Devoted Torchbug.png
Devoted Torchbug
Type Flying Pet
Default Name Flitterflash
Acquired From Code redemption
Ascent of the Arcanist Reward Bundle
Category Non-Combat Pets (Flying Pets)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

Devoted Torchbugs were made available on PC/Mac via various promotions. Its default name is "Flitterflash".

It was first made available via promotional codes distributed to specific Twitch streamers, to be given away to viewers. Codes were later given out at QuakeCon in 2018, and continue to occasionally be offered through social media giveaways.

The torchbug was also given away during Quakecon in 2021, after the Waking Flame dungeon speedrun stream. It was distributed on August 31, 2021 to everybody who voted for the European server's team prior to the stream.[1]

The torchbug was made generally available as part of the Ascent of the Arcanist Reward Bundle, available during a promotional period in July 2023 to players who had purchased the Necrom Chapter and obtained the Neophyte Researcher achievement.[2]

Physical Description[edit]

The pet is very small, as it is the same size as regular torchbugs encountered in the world.


  • It is sometimes referred to colloquially as the "green torchbug" to differentiate it from other colored torchbug pets that are being offered concurrently.[3]