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Delte Nethri
Hall Steward
Home City Balmora
Store Fighters Guild
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Hall Steward
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Delte Nethri

Delte Nethri is a Dunmer hall steward of the Balmora branch of the Fighters Guild.


When spoken to,she reveals the Fighters Guild's presence in Balmora:

"Vvardenfell will soon need the services of the Fighters Guild. We are looking for recruits"
"Disputes between houses are trivial when one thinks of the horrors of Molag Bal. Will you join the fight against him?"
"The Fighters Guild is always ready for battle. It's what we live for!"

Asking to join:

What's the Fighters Guild?
"What's the Fighters Guild? What rock did you just crawl out from under?
We're an elite fighting force with allegiance to no one but our fellow guild members. You look like you'd be good in battle. What do you say? Want to join the guild?"
What does a member of the Fighters Guild do?
"Why, we fight, of course! It practically says it all right in our name!
Seriously, someone has to deal with the Daedric menace and protect the common folk from the creatures of Oblivion. That's our current mandate, and an important mandate it is!"
What's the reward for my service?
"Reward? You mean besides the thrill of battle and the glory that accompanies it?
Our members can learn special techniques. And, as you advance in rank, the guildmaster might call upon you to deal with important missions."
Sure. I want to join the Fighters Guild.
"Then welcome aboard! And let me be the first to say what a fine addition to the guild you're going to make.
With you at our side, we'll have the Daedra on the run in no time!"

After joining:

"Ah! Another member of our ranks. It's times like these when I love the Fighters Guild!"