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Help destroy a dangerous Dremora.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Quest Giver: Nelerien
Location(s): Vlastarus, Nisin Cave
Reward: Vlastrus Reward Container
Cyrodiil Citrus
0000250250Alliance Points
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 4052
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Worshippers of Boethiah have taken up residence in the cave
Nisin Cave is now a danger to Vlastarus. Shadowed Path necromancers and a Dremora named Barasatii have taken up residence.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Nelerien.
  2. Travel to Nisin Cave and kill Barasatii.
  3. Return to Nelerien.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In the Vlastarus Worker's Barracks, speak to Nelerien:

"Don't tell me you have a problem too"
Not me. Sounds like you do though.
"Yes, a bad one. Nisin Cave has become a Shadowed Path den. Worse yet, they have a Dremora named Barasatii leading them. I've got a bad feeling about her. Think you could kill her for us?"
I'll see to Barasatii.

From this point forth, Nelerien's greeting will be a reminder of your task, "I won't be able to sleep until that Dremora is dead."

Travel southeast from Vlastarus to Nisin Cave. Proceed through the delve until you reach Barasatii, then kill her. At this point, return to Nelerien:

"That foul creature. I expect her to lead the Shadowed Path into Vlastarus any minute now!"
Barasatii is dead.
"That's a relief! Dremora can't be killed, but you've banished her from our plane for a time; thanks to you we can breathe a little easier today."

Quest Stages[edit]

Death to the Crone
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should kill Barasatii.
Objective: Kill Barasatii
☑Finishes quest I killed Barasatii. I should return to Vlastarus and let Nelerien know.
Objective: Speak to Nelerien