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Daela Thadus
Home City Davon's Watch
Location Mages Guild
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Mage
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Daela Thadus

Daela Thadus is a Dunmer mage and member of the Mages Guild found in the hall in the city of Davon's Watch.


"I've always found the study of Daedra fascinating. It's unfortunate that so much knowledge about them is forbidden by the Tribunal."
Why are you so interested in Daedra?
"They're tied closely to the history of my people, for good or ill. The mountains of the Ashlands are rife with old Daedric ruins.
Some are not as forgotten as we might like."
Are there Daedric ruins nearby?
"They dot the slopes of Ash Mountain. Legends tell of a secret Daedric library there, devoted to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora."'
Do you think this place really exists?
"I've learned not to dismiss rumor and legend out of hand.
Whether there's an actual library or just a fiery pit of screaming Daedra, I couldn't say."
What can you tell me about Tanval Indoril?
"You truly don't know?
You must know about House Indoril. They're one of the most powerful noble families in all Morrowind. Tanval is the grandmaster of the House, the leader of the entire clan."
How did the grandmaster befriend Holgunn?
"They're an odd pair, aren't they? The grandmaster is so cool and cerebral, and Holgunn is so... Nord.
Most know only that they served together in the Akaviri War, but our guild collects secrets. You'd like to know more, wouldn't you?"
Of course.
"The grandmaster's unit was ambushed by those Akavir Snakes, cut off from the rest of our forces. Holgunn's scouting party came on the scene and rushed in to rescue them.
He and the grandmaster were the only survivors. They fought back to back."'
Can you tell me anything about the Brothers of Strife?
"Only what the legends say. It happened long ago, when we were... different.
You see, before we had the Tribunal to guide and protect us, we were Chimer. We were just another group of Elves."
Chimer. Go on.
"We were at war with people from the north. They wanted our lands and our gold. We called them Nedes, and their war on Stonefalls was particularly brutal.
We were defeated."
What happened?
"It's said that two brothers, powerful warriors, sacrificed themselves. They gave their lives to gain great weapons of power.
The Brothers of Strife defeated the Nedes, and Stonefalls remained in Elven hands."'