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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Letter from Kasura 0FreeFree Crowns This letter bears a simple seal featuring two crossed swords. Use the letter to start the Dragonhold prologue The Dragonguard's Legacy. PC/Mac: 8 October 2019
Console: (?)
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Sealed Imperial Summons 0FreeFree Crowns This letter bears the seal of the Chancellor of the Elder Council in Cyrodiil. Use the letter to start the Elsweyr prologue The Demon Weapon. PC/Mac: (?) March 2019
Console: (?)
ON-icon-quest-Scroll 01.png "Room to Spare" Housing Brochure 0FreeFree Crowns This brochure contains an advertisement for a housing brokerage that may be of interest. Use the brochure to start the quest Room to Spare and gain a free inn room. This replaced the Homestead tutorial quest in Update 16. PC/Mac: 23 October 2017
Console: 7 November 2017
ON-icon-mementos-Witchmother's Whistle.png Crow Caller 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns The rarest crow callers have been known to summon more than just birds during the Witches Festival. See what strange and sinister secrets await you! Use the whistle to start the Witches Festival quest, The Witchmother's Bargain. This was previously located under Special Offers.
ON-icon-misc-Midyear Mayhem Invitation.png Details on the Midyear Mayhem 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns Join in the Cyrodilic summer celebration! Use the scroll to start the 2017 Midyear Mayhem quest.
ON-icon-misc-Jester's Day Scroll.png Jester's Festival Invitation Scroll 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns An unassuming scroll with a strange seal upon it. There's something funny about it. Use the scroll to start the 2018 Jester's Festival quest, The Jester's Festival.
ON-icon-stolen-Ticket.png Jubilee Cake Voucher 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns Good for one special-occasion cake from the renowned baker, Chef Donolon. Use to start the chef's quest. Look for Donolon's bakery barge in the ports of Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, and the Harbor District of Daggerfall. Use the voucher to start the Jubilee Anniversary quest, Ache For Cake. You can receive additional vouchers even after completing the quest, but can only have one in your inventory at a time.
Mages Guild Message Stone 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns An enchanted stone from Vanus Galerion contains a private message addressed to you. Activate the stone to start a quest to find the missing Wyrd Oracle and glimpse what's to come in the next chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online's ongoing saga. Use the stone to start the Summerset prologue quest, Through a Veil Darkly. 21 March 2018
ON-icon-misc-New Life Scroll.png New Life Festival Scroll 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns A simple map directs revelers to Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch. A small note reads: "All are welcome to celebrate the New Life Festival!" Use the scroll to start the New Life Festival quest, The New Life Festival. This was previously located under Special Offers.
ON-icon-quest-Scroll 01.png "A Friend in Need" Housing Brochure 0FreeUnavailable Free Crowns This brochure contains an advertisement for a housing brokerage that may be of interest. Use the brochure to start the Homestead tutorial quest, A Friend In Need.