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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-pet-Banekin.png Banekin 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns Though unwilling to fight, this Daedric minion will follow you loyally--for now. A banekin pet.
ON-icon-pet-Daedrat.png Daedrat 00500Unavailable 500 Crowns This scurrying vermin from Oblivion would be lost in the vastness of Nirn without a loyal companion and guide. Even a Daedric rodent needs a friend. A Daedric rat pet.
ON-icon-pet-Fiendroth.png Fiendroth 00700700 Crowns Who doesn't want to be followed around by a hulking, armored Daedric bug with steel mandibles and a venomous stinger? It eats nothing but the cries and lamentations of your enemies, so it's an easy keeper. Friendly, too—in its way. A fiendroth pet. 4 February 2016
ON-icon-pet-Jackdaw Daedrat.png Jackdaw Daedrat 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns The planes of Oblivion are infinite in their variation—and so are their vermin. The Jackdaw Daedrat is a bony Daedric rodent that likes to collect shiny things like your jewelry, and nip and nibble at things it shouldn't, but at least it's cute, right?
ON-icon-pet-Larval Yaghra.png Larval Yaghra 010001,000 Crowns The young of most creatures are cute, even adorable. That's … not really true of the Larval Yaghra. If you have one of these following you, you're either telling the world you don't give a Daedric damn what they think, or you're a Sea Sload in disguise. A Larval Yaghra pet. 19 July 2018
ON-icon-pet-Scamp.png Daedric Scamp 00700Unavailable 700 Crowns A foul-smelling Daedric minion, who will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you. A scamp pet.
ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Pack Wolf.png Skeletal Pack Wolf 01500Unavailable 1,500 Crowns When the Two Moons are full, the undead wolf pack rises from the grave, point their canine craniums at the sky, and try to howlâ€"but the only sound is a dismal rattling in their bony throats.
ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Pony Guar.png Skeletal Pony Guar 01500Unavailable 1,500 Crowns Shouldn't an animated skeleton always be a thing of fear and revulsion? This necromantic Pony Guar might change your mind about that!
ON-icon-pet-Skeletal Senche-Leopard.png Skeletal Senche-Leopard 01500Unavailable 1,500 Crowns Is Necromancy always wrong? Not even death can stop this loyal Senche-Leopard from stalking to adventure at your side!