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The "Pay to Lose" category was added to the Crown Store for April Fools' Day 2017, as a reference to the "Pay to Win" trope often associated with subscription-free MMO games which gain revenue through a cash shop.

Limited Time Offers[edit]

Name Price In-game description Notes Date Removed
ON-icon-weapon-Broom.png Broom 00050Unavailable 50 Crowns "Lifts-Her-Tail: 'But, my lord, your broom is so very long and stiff! To move it back and forth, I shall have to use both hands!'" — Excerpt from The Dusty Argonian Maid A level 1 two-handed weapon.
ON-icon-armor-Bucket.png Bucket 00050Unavailable 50 Crowns "A Bucket helm? Nope, sorry—who would wear such a thing? It's far too silly and undignified. Be off. …Ha ha ha, fooled you! That sounds splendid! Where can I get one?" —Sir Cadwell of Codswallop A level 1 heavy helmet.