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Rescue the missing miners from Kulati Mines.
Zone: Alik'r Desert
Objective: Kulati Mines — Locate the missing prospectors in the mine.
Quest Giver: Kasal
Location(s): Kulati Mines
Reward: Arachnid Gauntlets
High Leveled Gold
Once the mines were a prime spot for prospectors, but with the influx of spiders, they've been shut down for safety reasons.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Kasal.
  2. Find Seqbar.
  3. Talk to Naluroen and feed the spiders.
  4. Find Shagora.
  5. Return to Kasal.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Crawling Chaos
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Kasal asked me to look for the last two prospectors who entered the mines.
Objective: Find Seqbar and Shagora
Hidden Objective: Find the Lost Suitor
I heard a muffled yell. I should find the source and see if it's from one of the prospectors I was sent to find.
Objective: Free Seqbar from the cocoon
Optional Step: Read the Journal
Seqbar is out of his cocoon captivity only to find out that Shagora passed by him some time ago. We should go deeper into the mines to look for her.
Objective: Take Seqbar deeper into the Mine
At the bottom of the mines, I found the creature most likely responsible for Seqbar's capture - a spider daedra! It doesn't seem hostile - I should see if I can talk to it.
Objective: Talk to Naluroen
The Daedra admitted holding Shagora hostage, and has demanded one of us feed her spiders before she allows us to enter her nest.
Objective: Convince Naluroen to Let You enter Her Nest
Objective Hint: Feed an Elder Spider
The Daedra granted us entry into her lair. I should enter and find out what's become of Shagora.
Objective: Enter Portal to Naluroen's Web
The Daedra has granted us entry into her lair. I should find out what's become of Shagora.
Objective: Find Shagora
I've found Shagora, but she doesn't seem to be aware of my presence. I should see if she will respond to me.
Objective: Talk to Shagora
It seems the Daedra has ensorcelled Shagora. I'll need to find a way to get her out of the Daedra's clutches using my wits.
Objective: Rescue Seqbar and Shagora
(At this point you have a choice which effects the ending of the quest.)
Objective: Leave the Nest without Seqbar and Shagora
☑Finishes quest The Daedra promised to keep the pair safe together in her nest. Though this means the two won't have their freedom, they will be together. I should tell Kasal their fate.
Objective: Talk to Kasal outside the Mine
Seqbar exchanged himself for Shagora to have her freedom. Though it means he will be under the thrall of the Daedra, Shagora is free.
Objective: Leave the Nest with Shagora
☑Finishes quest Seqbar exchanged himself for Shagora's freedom. Now we're outside the mine, I need to see how she feels about what's happened.
Objective: Talk to Shagora outside the Mine
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