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This article is about the Breton sailor. For the Breton in the vision, see Lerisa.

Crafty Lerisa
Location Saintsport
KvatchDark Brotherhood
Ship Maiden's Breath, The Spearhead
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Crafty Lerisa

Crafty Lerisa is a Breton sailor initially found in Saintsport. Captain Kaleen is interested in recruiting her, and she will join Kaleen's crew and participate in several quests by giving you a disguise to blend in enemy territory. She owns a pet monkey, Howler, who often can be found with her.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Stros M'Kai[edit]

Like Moths to a Candle[edit]

Enter Saintsport and follow the monkey, Howler, through an abandoned building to find him sitting on a crate. You'll hear a voice behind you:

Crafty Lerisa : "Well. You aren't at all what I was expecting."
Crafty Lerisa : "Let's talk."

Follow Lerisa inside the building and she'll tell you her predicament:

"What brings you to this trashpit?"
How did you do that?
"Sneak up on you? It's what I do. Now, answer my question. What are you doing here?"
I'm here to rescue Crafty Lerisa, captain of the Maiden's Breath. / Captain Kaleen needs your help. She's got a big heist planned.
"How charming. The Maiden's wrecked on the sandy shore. As for Crafty Lerisa, you've found her. Just in time, too.
Captain Helane's Sea Drakes have my crew. I won't leave without them. Help me rescue them, and I'll owe you a favor."

If you pick up the quest from her she will say this instead:

"My ship may be a pile of driftwood, but my crew's alive, and Captain Helane has them. I won't leave without them.
Help me rescue my crew and I'll help you with Kaleen's heist."
We'll rescue them together.
"I didn't expect to get help so quickly. Remind me to thank Kaleen when we're done here."
All right. What's the plan? / What's the plan?
"We're going to disguise my crew as Sea Drakes. Take these clothes. Look for a portly Breton, a sour Redguard, and a big Orc. The Drakes are keeping them in the large buildings.
Once they're out, meet me by Helane's ship."
What if I need a disguise?
"Look for hampers with clothes, or kill a Sea Drake and take theirs. Put on their clothes and you'll look just lovely.
Oh, do watch out for the Sea Drakes with torches. They're not drunk. If you get too close, they'll spot you and alert the others."
I understand. Let's get started.

Before she literally disappears in a puff of smoke, she'll warn you:

Crafty Lerisa : "Remember, you can take clothes from hampers or off dead Sea Drakes."
Crafty Lerisa : "Oh, and try not to get killed."

You can find her at a few of the quest markers, like on the bed in Captain Helane's House.

"Fair warning—don't drink the rum in the desk below. I'd guess someone poisoned it.
This is a nice bed."
<She disappears, leaving behind a Letter to Captain Helane.>

She is also inside the southeast warehouse, wearing a Sea Drakes uniform and warming herself by a fire with two dead Sea Drakes.

"Sit down, warm your bones.
See the two dead pirates? They killed Lazy Gwael. I liked him. Only pirate I ever knew who liked rats.
Now, the pirates who killed him are rat food. Seems fitting, doesn't it?"
<Lerisa disappears in a puff of smoke>

She can also show up in the eastern house perusing the bookshelf:

"Helaene may be a murderous witch, but she does have good taste in books.
Don't bother looking for One-Legged Elvinn. I already set him free."

After you gather the missing crew members, you'll meet Lerisa at the docks. When you arrive at the spot you'll only see a large fern, that quickly turns into a familiar face:

"You're a welcome sight. I've rescued everyone but Crenard, Haerdon, and Mekag. Any luck?"
Found all three. They're safely away.
"Almost done then. Everyone's out except my first mate, Deregor. They've got him in the belly of Helane's ship.
You'll find the keys below deck. Look for Deregor down in back."
What are you going to do while I rescue Deregor?
"I'll be visiting Helane in her cabin, to thank her for the hospitality she's extended my crew.
Come on up after you release Deregor. You should really say hello."
How did you get the key to Helane's quarters?
"Her cabin girl had a key. Poor little Bosmer lass, barely any meat on her bones. I think Helane was starving her.
She's on her way to Port Hunding now and I'm one key richer."
How did you make yourself look like a fern?
"Good trick that. Did I really disguise myself as a fern? Or did you see a fern because you weren't looking close enough?"
"Good luck. I'll be in Helane's cabin. Don't forget to stop by after Deregor is out."

As you enter Captain Helane's Cabin, you'll see Helane and Sarion (or so you think) on the upper platform:

Captain Helane : "Wait, you're not my … what have you … did you poison me?"
Sarion : "Oh, my, captain, are you feeling okay?"
Captain Helane : "I'll gut you like a stuck pig … cut your eyes out … roast you …."
Crafty Lerisa : "Like you did my crew? No, that won't happen again."
Captain Helane : "Urk …."
Crafty Lerisa : "Aw. She fell down."

Speak to Lerisa and she'll tell you:

"My, that felt good!"
What did you do to her?
"Me? Did I do that? Her starving little cabin girl may have poisoned her drink. Who can say?
Did Deregor get out?"
Yes, he's free.
"I'll just be going then. I told my crew to gather on the beach. I'm going to make sure they all made it out.
Meet me there and we'll square up."
What kind of poison did you use on Helane?
"Oh, it's jarrin root. A very nasty local poison. It won't kill her, not right away.
It starts by dissolving the stomach lining, then goes from there."
You're just going to leave Helane to die?
"I'd love to stay and watch, but no time. You can stay if you like.
It's actually her poison. Kept for slaves who disobey. There's an antidote on the dresser, if your heart bleeds enough."
What would you do if I gave Helane the antidote?
"I'd feel mildly disappointed, but I leave it up to you. Meet me on the beach once you're done here and we'll settle up.
Just watch your boots. She'll start vomiting soon."
"I'm off to join my crew, unless you have any burning questions."

When you are ready to leave Stros M'Kai, Lerisa can be found aboard the Spearhead.

"The Spearhead's no Maiden's Breath, but at least she doesn't have a giant hole in her side.
I'd be happy if we never saw land again."

On the beach she'll be surrounded by her crew:

"My crew's safe and only a little bit tortured. I call that a win!"

If you gave Helane the antidote, you'll reply with:

I gave Helane the antidote.
"Well, your choice. I hope the next crew she shipwrecks and murders appreciates your soft heart.
The important thing is she knows I had her. She won't cross me again. Now, about our debt. What do I owe you?"

If you let Helane die, you'll say instead:

Captain Helane is dead.
"Many a captain who sails these waters will be glad of that news! Now, let's talk favors. I owe you a big one."

Either way, you can tell her:

Help Captain Kaleen and I pull off her heist.
"She's a bit too obsessed with old Fahara'jad for me, but I like her style. Seeing as I need a new ship, gold will come in handy.
I'm in. Can't let what you did for us go unrewarded. See you back in town."

Or, if you haven't met Captain Kaleen yet, she will direct you to her:

How about getting me off this island?
"If the Maiden’s Breath wasn’t rotting on the beach, I’d happily oblige, considering all you’ve done for us. But no ship, no ride.
I do know someone who might give us a job, though. A job that just might get us both off this rock."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"Come join us at the Screaming Mermaid when you get a chance. First drink's on me."

Tip of the Spearhead[edit]

If Lerisa is direction you to Kaleen, you can continue the conversation:

"Come join us at the Screaming Mermaid when you get a chance. First drink’s on me."
What’s this job you mentioned?
"A friend sent word she was planning a big job and needed help. That’s why we sailed out here. Her name is Captain Kaleen.
Find her at the Screaming Mermaid and drop my name. If we help her with her heist, she’ll get us off this rock."
I’ll find her.

If you completed the previous quest before starting the heist, you'll find Lerisa upstairs in Captain Kaleen's Hideout:

"Quite the motley crew, aren't we?"

Once you've heard Kaleen's plan, you can ask Lerisa about a disguise:

What do you think of Captain Kaleen's plan?
"She's right. You need a disguise to get anywhere near Bhosek. Fortunately, you have me.
Just say the word and I can have servant clothes waiting for you at the palace."
Thanks, Lerisa. I'd love your help.
"My pleasure.
Meet me outside the palace. I'll pick out something special for you."
I can handle that on my own.
"Good luck. I'll see you back on the ship."

If you accepted Lerisa's help, you'll meet her outside the entrance of Headman Bhosek's Palace:

"Well, look who's come to pay a visit!"
Did you find a disguise for me?
"Oh yes. Try these on. I'm sure they'll fit you just right. In the meantime, I'll just continue my sweep of the palace."

If you speak to her again, she'll coyly say:

"Don't worry about changing in front of me. I won't peek."

When she's on the Spearhead before you talk to Kaleen:

"The Spearhead's no Maiden's Breath, but at least she doesn't have a giant hole in her side.
I'd be happy if we never saw land again."


Unearthing the Past[edit]

After speaking to the ghost of Frederique Lynielle in the Grimfield crypt, Lerisa will appear behind you, disguised as a Bloodthorn Cultist and greet you with a "Well now. What do we have here?":

"Out for a stroll, enjoying the scenery?"
Lerisa! What are you doing here?
"Just exploring the island. I came across these fine fellows disturbing the graves and decided to kill a few.
I've collected some robes in this bag. Take one if you want the zombies to leave you alone."
Thanks, Lerisa.
"I'll be hunting cultists while you're playing with your staff. If I find any more robes, I'll leave them for you.
These necromancers are disgusting, but they do dress well."

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll add:

"Go get 'em! I'll leave uniforms around for you once I get my knives into a few more cultists."

Carzog's Demise[edit]

Once you're inside the Ayleid Sanctuary, you'll find Lerisa sizing up some welkynd stones:

Lerisa: "These look valuable, don't they?"
"Never been in ruins this old before. Bet there's some good stuff just lying around, free for the taking."
What have you found out?
"I overheard cultists talking about a portal. The relic that's causing all the trouble is in there.
I lifted a uniform off a cultist who no longer needed it; it's waiting in the bag. Might help you get past some of the ones I left alive."
Lerisa: "Get into that uniform and act natural. Should fool some of them at least."

She'll then disappear in a puff of smoke.

Inside the Inner Sanctuary you'll find the captain among her crew. Speak to her and she'll say:

"This place is pretty impressive."

Defeat Vardan and you'll return to the mortal realm to witness a schism among the crew:

"First you appear out of nowhere, and now this! What are you anyway?"
What do you think should be done with the relic?
"I don't often agree with Kaleen, but she's right. We must hand it over to the Covenant. King Fahara'jad will see that it's used responsibly."
I wish I could be sure.
"Trust Kaleen. She knows Fahara'jad and she's convinced the relic can save lives."

If you decide to keep the relic, she'll only say:

"You made the right choice. I wonder if we'll get paid?"

If you destroyed it:

"You're a bigger fool than I thought. You're no shipmate of mine!"


On to Glenumbra[edit]

On arrival, you'll find Lerisa perched on the Spearhead's stern. If you destroyed the relic, she appears to be over her anger at this decision.

"Well. That was an awful lot of drama, wasn't it? I think I'm about done here. It's time to sail on my own boat. Stay safe. We'll meet again."


Children of Yokuda[edit]

After starting the quest with Nicolene in Shornhelm, you'll be off looking for an informant, Sigil. Outside the city walls, Lerisa will appear instead:

"What a pleasant surprise."
Lerisa! You're Sigil?
"Don't blame me, my dear. I don't pick the fake names. If I'm Sigil, that makes you Arrowhead. It also makes you very late."
I'm not Arrowhead. Could that be a name for Captain Kaleen?
"Kaleen's here? Well, that makes sense.
When one of your spies turns on you, it's best not to spread it around town. King Fahara'jad would want someone he trusts. Seeing as you're here and she's not, I take it Kaleen's gone missing?"
Yes. Any idea how to find her?
"None save the old fashioned kind. We'll talk to the city guards. If Kaleen left Shornhelm, someone was bound to see her. You don't strut like her and not attract attention.
If Naruk nicked her, we're in trouble. He's not a nice man."
How have you been, Lerisa?
"There's still a market for sensitive goods, and I'm doing well enough. Might even have enough for another ship soon, if Telonil keeps working his magic.
This job was supposed to put me over the top. Guess that'll have to wait."
How's your crew doing?
"Mekag's off with Lambur. The whole relic fuss never sat right with him. Haerdun and Deregor are still with me, along with Telonil.
We left Kaleen's crew shortly after the Dominion hit Daggerfall. I like my sailing without giant fireballs."
How is Jakarn doing?
"Funny story. Irien sends me letters. She says Jakarn's taken a fancy to me. She says he even wrote me a poem.
I told him flat out I wasn't interested, but that seemed to have the opposite effect. He's turned into a lovelorn fool, Irien says."
Does he have a chance?
"The man is easy enough on the eyes, but I'm not looking for a fling right now.
Jakarn may think he's in love, but I know his kind too well. We'll see if he's still interested when I have my own ship."
Have you heard anything from Neramo?
"Oh, yes. Vimy sends letters. She's quite the gossip. Neramo's dig off Stonefalls dried up, but he found mention of ruins in the Alik'r desert, so he's headed there next.
I've never understood what's so interesting about a bunch of missing dwarves."
What do you know about Naruk?
"He's got a mess of sworn swords camped in the sewer beneath Shornhelm. Children of Yokuda. They're planning something nasty.
I was going to sell my info to Arrowhead, but now that you're here, I seem to be working for free. Shame, really."

Speaking to her again:

"You do the talky part. You're good at that. I'll make sure none of Naruk's crazies put a dagger in your back."

After talking to Captain Gogbag gro-Yashna about Kaleen's whereabouts, she'll comment:

"Kaleen must have a plan, but it may not be a good one. Either she's playing Naruk, or he's playing her.
Guess we'll find out, won't we?"

Get information from Lazy Ludippe and Lerisa will say:

"An abandoned house. Lovely. One day, my dear, you'll need to take me somewhere nice.
Well, let's go investigate."

Approach the trap door in the ruined structure and you won't be able to open it. The rogue offers to help:

Crafty Lerisa: "Oh, I'll handle that. I do love playing with locks."

Lerisa unlocks the door:

Crafty Lerisa: "See you below."

Follow her and you'll enter a small dungeon below the city. Kaleen will be locked inside a cell, while Abante though nearby has yet to spot you:

"Dammit! That's Kaleen. See to her. I'll keep watch."

Complete the mission and join the crew at the Dead Wolf Inn:

"Next time, let's go shopping. Wouldn't that be more fun?"

After you finish business with Kaleen, she'll tell you:

"I suppose saving a city is worth a drink."

Gold Coast[edit]

Appears only with Dark Brotherhood

Pious Intervention[edit]

Enter The Eight Blessings in Kvatch and you'll find the elusive rogue standing in the atrium:

"Isn't that funny. I was just thinking about you! What brings you to this pious city? No, wait, don't answer that. I don't think I want to know.
On the other hand, if you're interested in a little mischief, I could really use your help."
What do you have in mind?
"Oh, just discrediting Grand Chanter Surus and his Society of the Dragon. They claim to be a religious order, but they're nothing more than a cult that loves Akatosh a bit too much. And anyone who questions their faith tends to disappear."
Why do you care about a cult?
"I didn't until my sister Josseline joined them. She has no idea what Surus does to people.
Take these notes and preach the word of Boethiah around town. After the Grand Chanter arrests you for heresy, my sister will see how he treats you and leave."
If you think that will help, I'll go spread a little heresy around town.
"Just like old times! After this, first drink's on me!
Now go and spread Boethiah's word to the cult's initiates. Once they detain you, we'll show my sister exactly how Surus treats those who disagree with him. Just don't disappear along the way."
How will me getting detained convince your sister to leave the Society of the Dragon?
"Grand Chanter Surus isn't your typical Akatosh priest. He enjoys filling impressionable heads with religious nonsense, and he has a violent streak as long as Varen's Wall. Rumors say that if he can't fill your head, he'll remove it—literally."
Do you have a plan for how I escape after getting detained?
"A plan? Yes, I have a plan. But let's not spoil the surprise. Just be ready for my signal and follow my lead.
Now get out there and spread some heresy. I can't wait to see how the society initiates squirm."
How did your sister come to join an Akatosh cult?
"Who knows why a young woman in the prime of her life would throw away everything to take up with a bunch of religious fanatics?
I suppose it had something to do with that job that went sideways when I had to kill Josseline's best friend …."
You killed your sister's best friend?
"I'm afraid I had no choice. A rival of mine hired him to kill us when we attended a meeting. I learned his true intentions too late to decline the invitation.
I never let my enemies make the first move. So I ended him before he could end us."
So she left you and joined the cult?
"Josseline was mad at me, mad at him, mad at life in general. She decided that piracy wasn't for her. She wanted to serve a higher purpose.
Unfortunately, this particular higher purpose is worse than piracy. It hides its killing behind religion."
Tell me more about Grand Chanter Surus and the Society of the Dragon.
"Grand Chanter Surus is a high-ranking priest in the Cathedral, second only to Primate Artorius himself.
He started the society for religious types who aren't ready to join the priesthood. They claim to be devoted to Akatosh and his teachings."
And this is a bad thing?
"Only if you believe Akatosh requires the beheading of people the Grand Chanter doesn't like. When my sister refuses an order, I'd rather not have her head on the chopping block.
Nothing against religion, but this cult isn't right for my sister."
And that's it?
"Well, members that join the society are cut off from their friends and family. And anyone that tries to quit disappears. No one knows what happens to them, by the way.
Oh, and I did mention the secret beheadings, didn't I?"

After being taken hostage by Lieutenant Mervial, you'll find yourself inside the Tower of Judgement standing trial in front of the Grand Chanter, the Lieutenant, the initiates you harassed earlier, and an initiate you have not met before, Initiate Josseline:

Grand Chanter Surus : "Lieutenant, how has this heretic transgressed against the Dragon God?"
Lieutenant Mervial : "By spreading the word of Boethiah to the initiates."
Grand Chanter Surus : "There's only one punishment for blasphemy. Behead them!"
Initiate Josseline : "What? Isn't that a little extreme?"
Grand Chanter Surus : "You dare question the will of Akatosh?"
Initiate Josseline : "It doesn't say anything about beheadings in the Book of Akatosh."
Grand Chanter Surus : "Silence, initiate! Lieutenant, deliver Akatosh's justice."
Crafty Lerisa : "Is this the life you hoped for, Josseline?"
Initiate Josseline : "Lerisa? I should have known! I'm leaving."
Crafty Lerisa : "I like the sound of that. Time to go."

Things go dark and you'll find you and Lerisa out in the city where she nervously looks around for her sister:

"I appreciate you not slaughtering everyone in there. A holy bloodbath wouldn't have served us any better than you getting your head chopped off.
Unfortunately, Josseline is as slippery as I am. She snuck away before we had a chance to talk."
So all that was for nothing?
"Quite the opposite. Josseline fled with us, which means we gave her plenty to think about.
I'd guess she's gone to one of the old Akatosh shrines along Varen's Wall. Let's split up. If you find her first, politely ask her to wait for me to arrive."
I'll look for your sister at the old Akatosh shrines.
Crafty Lerisa : "Remember, check the shrines along Varen's Wall. And do try to keep the mayhem and slaughter to a minimum!"
Lerisa disappears in a flash.

Eventually find Josseline at one of the Shrine's of Akatosh that dots the Gold Coast. After speaking to Josseline, Lerisa will appear from the brush:

Crafty Lerisa : "Josseline, Josseline. Could you be any more predictable?"
Initiate Josseline : "My dear sister, I knew you'd find me. Are you here to kill me, too?"
"My sister appears to be safe and sound. She's surprisingly calm, even if she's still mad about what I did to her friend. That's better than I expected.
Thank you for your help. I couldn't have exposed Grand Chanter Surus's corruption without you."
Is there anything else I can do to help?
"That's sweet, but you've already done more than enough. You helped me show my sister the truth about the Society of the Dragon. She's safe now and our plan worked exactly as I'd hoped.
I couldn't have saved Josseline without your help. Thank you."
Initiate Josseline : "Every time you help me, someone winds up dead. Couldn't you let me deal with this myself?"
Crafty Lerisa : "I didn't like the way we left things, Josseline. And when I realized what the Grand Chanter was up to …."
Initiate Josseline : "So my big sister sails in to rescue me. Again. Tell me, how many did the Grand Chanter kill?"
Crafty Lerisa : "At least three people since I've been paying attention. I haven't been in town that long."
Initiate Josseline : "So you called in someone to help?"
(If you told Josseline you were Sheogorath, she'll say instead: "So you called in Sheogorath over there?")
Crafty Lerisa : "I know you're angry, but he really would have killed you, Josseline. I couldn't let that happen."
Initiate Josseline : "You don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm done with the Society and I'm done with Kvatch. But I am not going with you."
Crafty Lerisa : "Fair enough. But any time you need me, I'll be there."
Initiate Josseline : "I know. Goodbye, sister."
Josseline walks away and fades in the distance.

You can then speak with Lerisa:

"There goes Josseline, off to who knows where to do who knows what until I have to go and pull her hair out of the fire again.
I could use a drink. A strong drink. Why don't you meet me in Anvil and we'll drink to our success."
Have you had any luck fixing the Maiden's Breath?
"Still out of service, I'm afraid. I don't have to describe the indignity of a famous captain such as myself booking passage on a trading vessel, do I? Still, my sister comes first.
Also, no one on that ship actually knew who I was, so no harm done."
You seem all right with your sister disappearing again.
"It's what we do. She'll come back when she gets bored or she needs something. She always does.
Howler's a bit disappointed he didn't get more time with her, but he'll get over it. Nothing a few dozen mugs of ale won't cure."


Stros M'Kai[edit]

When preparing to leave for Betnikh, she'll say:

"The Spearhead's no Maiden's Breath, but at least she doesn't have a giant hole in her side.
I'd be happy if we never saw land again."


Back in Daggerfall, she'll say:

"Well. That was an awful lot of drama, wasn't it? I think I'm about done here. It's time to sail on my own boat.
Stay safe. We'll meet again."


She can be found at the Wayrest Docks:

"Well met, my friend. You look well."
How have you been, Lerisa?
"Still without a ship, though sailing with Kaleen pays well enough. We're raiding for Fahara'jad now, even have a nice bonus for sinking those damned Elves.
Soon I'll have enough to strike out on my own again."
Are you happy here?
"Happy's a relative term, my dear. I'm no dog of the king, and I really don't care who wins this war, but so long as the covenant pays well, I see no harm in helping my countrymen.
Telonil's working his magic. We won't be at this for long."

Alik'r Desert[edit]

She can be found in the Frozen Palms Tavern along with some of her crew.

"What do we have here? A legend among heroes! You're looking good."
Lerisa, are you drunk? / You seem very happy.
"I'm celebrating. Telonil and I just signed a contract for a new ship. The Maiden's Sigh. I'll have the wind in my hair on the deck of my own ship.
We're going to be a crew again."
I'm glad to hear it.
"Don't think I haven't heard about your exploits. Rumors abound. You've toppled Daedric Princes, defeated armies, saved more people than I can count.
One day soon, I'll be saying "I knew you when"."
I've done what I can.
"Just like you did back on Stros M'Kai. That was a fun time, wasn't it?
I'm glad you're here. I really am. Have one last drink with me. Once my ship is back on the open sea, I don't know when I'll be back."
How is Jakarn doing?
"Adorable. He'd almost have me convinced, if there wasn't a line of women from here to Bangkorai who heard the same promises.
It's the chase that drives him. He loves it. So long as he's enjoying that, why spoil it for him?"
So you have no plan to return his advances?
"I'm not the settling type. But, if I make port five years from now and he's still pining, I might just consider it.
Come to think of it, that would be a nice way to celebrate."

Gold Coast[edit]

After helping her in the Gold Coast, Lerisa can later be found at Enrick's Public House in Anvil.

"Decided to take me up on that offer of a drink? Good! I don't mind drinking alone, but I could use the company.
Besides, Howler just gets mean when he's had a few mugs of ale."
So how have things been since you repaired the Maiden's Breath.
"Wonderful. Telonil's done a remarkable job in growing our fortune, Haerdon and Mekag are in fighting shape, and patrols have grown sparse since the war in Cyrodiil.
I've got nothing against Captain Kaleen, mind you, but a woman needs her own ship."
Is Jakarn still pursuing you?
"Not that I'd ever kiss and tell, my dear, but if nothing else, I remain amused by his advances.
Do you know he memorized a book of Redguard poetry and quoted it at me? That was almost charming. And of course, there was the trained monkey."
Trained monkey?
"It wore an adorable hat and clutched a wrapped gift. Perhaps Jakarn thought that since I enjoy Howler's company, the way to my heart was through a monkey.
Howler chased the creature off, so I have no idea what was in the box."
You seem all right with your sister disappearing again.
"It's what we do. She'll come back when she gets bored or she needs something. She always does.
Howler's a bit disappointed he didn't get more time with her, but he'll get over it. Nothing a few dozen mugs of ale won't cure."
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