Online:Crafting Motifs 24: Outlaw Axes

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Collection Outlaw Style
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Crafting Motifs 24: Outlaw Axes
by The Red Asp, Hallin's Stand Thieves Guild
A description of how outlaw style axes should look like

We Outlaws may not be very organized, but we have our ways of recognizing each other, no matter where we come from—our symbols, like the three-bladed dagger, or code phrases such as—actually, I don't think I'll write those down in a book. However, since we're all involved in the same illicit business, you'll see there's a common style to our arms and armor.


Where possible, we Outlaws like our weapons to have a secondary function as tools—because frankly, if we have to use them as weapons, the job's already gone wrong. All of our axes have hooked lower blades, which enables them to serve at need as climbing axes or grappling hooks. Up and over!