Online:Crafting Motifs 16, Chapter 6: Glass Daggers

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Crafting Motifs 16, Chapter 6: Glass Daggers
by Vandalion Brightsteel, Armorsmith Peerless of Vulkhel Guard
A description of how glass style daggers should look like

During the recent strife in Firsthold, certain reference works were lost from the great library, so His Excellency Kinlord Rilis has asked the leading experts of Auridon to replace them with new accounts. For the definitive description of the Glass crafting style, naturally our wise sovereign turned to me.


A Summerset glass dagger is the finest fighting knife there is. The glass on a Glass-style dagger is usually confined to the point and edge, with accents on the pommel; the tang, guard, and core of the blade are of steel. They are capable weapons, equally useful for slashing, stabbing, or parrying.