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Crafting Motif 78: Moongrave Fane Style
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Crafting Motif 78: Moongrave Fane Style
As decreed by Clan Mother Nisaazda
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Moongrave Fane style

Children, you came to me seeking something greater than the life you were given. This one promised you power beyond your imagining. Through her blood, she has given you only a taste. Soon Nisaazda will show you the heights we can reach. All we must do is follow her chosen Devourer and claim the greatest prey this world has to offer: Dragons. To prepare for this hunt we will learn from the Dragonguard and outfit ourselves accordingly. The trappings of a Hollowfang Dragon hunter are outline herein.


We will lord over the night with crescent blades of hardened steel, gleaming as the two Moons do in the darkness. Follow Dro'zakar's example and no quarry will escape you.


Like the Akaviri we will wrap our waists in sturdy garments, but where they wore ornamental silks, we will bind our spines in leather and gird our loins as Sangiin does before a tempestuous night.


Shod your feet in blackened, studded boots and bolster them in burnished bronze, as the Dragonguard do, but where their hobnailed toes turn downward, ours will rise like the dunes of our ancestors.


In our hunt for Dragon blood, our bows will be our fangs. Hew them from the mightiest of Tenmar hardwoods.


We shall clad ourselves in black and red to honor the Blood Cat on our hunts. Even our lightest cuirasses must be made in the rigid Akaviri style if they are to resist a Dragon's claws. Fashion our bronze as the Dragonguard did, but do not weigh yourself down with excess plates. We are Khajiit, we must remain nimble.


Like with any other hunter, a Dragon hunter's knife must be a flawless tool. They must be sharp enough to cut through Dragon hide and thin enough to slip between the beast's scales.


Brace your forearms in blackened leather as you see fit but leave your claws free and sharp like a true five-clawed warrior, or at least give your gloves claws befitting a true predator.


As the Akaviri wore fearsome masks upon their faces, so shall we. Let the Dragons' final moments be of our snarling teeth craving their blood.


Forget the bulky plate of the Devourer. Khajiit must be swift and agile. More swift and agile than a Dragon! Studded leather should suffice. A splint mail skirt at most. Those who don't heed will find themselves in Dragons' teeth.


The Devourer has shown us the design of the Dragonguard's scalebreakers. These half-moon faced maces focus their power into a single prominent spike, to pierce and shatter a Dragon's scales.


Our shields shall bear the hallmarks of the Akaviri and Khajiit traditions in perfect unison. They shall be our emblem, representing the evolution of our clan.


What is a Khajiit without a mane? A dull-clawed scavenger. Just as our armor bears our claws and fangs, so too should our collars and shoulders bear our fur. Drape them in the fur of what worthy prey you find among our former kin.


Though the Dragons are our prey, their strength is to be respected. We hunt them because we aspire to be them. Adorn your staves with symbols of their wings, flames, and claws to remind you of this.


The curved blades of the Akaviri are deceptively strong for their lightness. We do not possess the materials to recreate them, but we can borrow some of their traits to improve our own formidable scimitars.