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Countess Viatrix Celata
Location ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).pngVulkhel Guard, Elden Root, Marbruk, Baandari Trading Post, Rawl'kha
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).pngDaggerfall, Wayrest, Shornhelm, Sentinel, Evermore
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).pngDavon's Watch, Mournhold, Stormhold, Windhelm, Riften
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Countess Viatrix Celata

Countess Viatrix Celata is an Imperial patron of the Thieves Guild. She has a penchant for owning stolen items, resulting in her setting contracts for the guild to acquire particular items for her.

Related Quests[edit]


Approach her with your delivery, and she'll say one of the following:

"Oh, I do so hate waiting … and yet I love it. The anticipation is half the delight!"
"I have very little interest in chatter."
I have the "special" delivery you requested.

She has several responses to this. Which one she says depends on what you were asked to steal for her.

Games, Dolls, and Statues: [verification needed — are Online:Contraband/Children's Toys included in this?]

"Ah, objects of wonder and amusement. What captivated youth and lingered in age about these things?
When I was little, other children stole from me. Even my most precious doll. My earliest friend. I've always wondered how that might feel."

Ritual Objects and Oddities:

"What wonderful curiosities! Each piece cherished by someone, whether out of devotion, or fascination, or research. Why else keep such things?

Writings (inc. Scrivener Supplies) and Maps:

"What today? A window to the world through another's eyes, the traces of their travels, the fanciful quill that delivered their very thoughts to my fingertips?
Ooo, give them here, I simply must see for myself!"

Cosmetics, Dry Goods (e.g. linens), and Wardrobe Accessories:

"Special indeed. Each of these played a role in sculpting a person. The finishing touches of an identity. Lost on a whim. My whim.
I'll relish imagining who these pieces were before. Perhaps I'll incorporate them into myself."

Drinkware, Utensils, and Dishes and Cookware:

"Ah, folksy wares and finery, seasoned with celebration and banality in equal measure. Quite the mismatched set, but that's part of the charm isn't it? Very metropolitan.
I wonder how many pieces would have been missed before they wandered off."

Speak to her again:

"Was there more? No? Then be off, my barrister will send the usual payment to your guild."