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Count Damard Dufort
(lore page)
Home Settlement Castle Navire
Location Courtyard
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dufort
Count Damard Dufort

Count Damard Dufort is a Breton noble of House Dufort who can be found in the courtyard of Castle Navire. He is the brother of Duchess Elea Dufort and also her court mage.

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People of Import[edit]

He will be one of the nobles you'll be investigating while you're trying to find information on the missing delegation. You have the opportunity to speak to him at the event held at Castle Navire:

"Such a waste. I have little patience for the vanity of our noble houses on the best of days. Right now? I'm sure we all have better things we could be doing.
I suspect you agree. You're the one assisting Lord Bacaro and Lady Arabelle, aren't you?"
That's right, I'm helping Lady Arabelle. You're well informed.
"I try to keep up on matters of state, but I confess. Elea told us all about you. I am Count Damard, the duchess's brother and court mage of House Dufort.
Tell me, has your investigation uncovered news regarding a sudden storm that appeared recently?"
Yes. We think it might have caused the delegates' ships to crash.
"A hypothesis that matches my own. While my sister chases bandit knights across the countryside, I wonder about the druids who make the wild parts of High Isle their home.
They have little love for civilized culture. They could be responsible."
What do the druids have to do with a storm?
"I don't think that storm was natural. The druids wield old magicks and consort with spirits. It is well within their abilities to summon such a tempest.
They mostly keep to themselves, but I suspect a ruse. Those are your culprits, mark my words."

Speaking with Count Damard again after questioning him:

"You might as well enjoy yourself while you're here. Perhaps you can slip away once the requisite amount of socializing has been concluded. That's certainly my plan.
Look into the druids. You might just discover they were behind this all along."
You said you're the court mage?
"Magic is the legacy and heritage of the Breton people. Oh, I spent my time mastering the sword and knightly pursuits in my youth. But I believe that a true Breton must study both halves of our nature.
And perhaps the ways of the druids, too."
What do you mean, both halves?
"We Bretons trace our ancestry to Nedes and Elves who intermingled during the early history of High Rock. Therefore, spellcraft is in our blood and we all have at least some talent with magic.
I find the subject fascinating and decided to embrace it."
Do all Breton noble houses have a court mage?
"No. Some have forgotten our traditions. Were it not for my talent, I doubt that my sister would bother with a court mage. She sends me to look after Dufort interests in ports across Tamriel, rather than making full use of my arcane skills.
A pity."

Before you get Bard Adistair to play:

"A splendid gathering of grand people with small ambitions. Most come to such events simply to see who dressed the best. Or to catch sight of anything vaguely scandalous."

Speaking to him while Jakarn is causing a scene:

"Ah. There is the scandal for the evening! The well-to-do of High Isle will be talking about the fool who danced on the table for the rest of the season.
I rather think my sister secretly likes the attention."

After entering the castle for some investigation, the gathering will be attacked by the Ascendant Magus.

To Catch a Magus[edit]

After your adventures on Amenos and rescuing the Alliance Leaders, Lady Arabelle Davaux will have you help her track down the Ascendant Order's meeting place and attempt to kill or capture the Ascendant Magus.

You will eventually find the Order's meeting place beneath the Navire Dungeons where you will be confronted by the Ascendant Magus who taunts you and reveals his identity as Count Damard Dufort. Afterwards you will go to the Navire Docks to try and stop the Count from leaving but end up rescuing Duchess Elea and learning more about Ascendant Order's plans.