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Help a mage deal with his emotions.
Zone: Bangkorai
Quest Giver: Zaag
Location(s): Evermore, Silaseli Ruins
Reward: Merciless Longsword
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Arnitole's emotions
Zaag of the Dragonstar Caravan Company asked for my assistance in fulfilling a contract for a mage in the Silaseli ruins.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Zaag at Silaseli.
  2. Talk to Arnitole.
  3. Deal with Arnitole's emotions.
  4. Return to Arnitole.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Conflicted Emotions
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to meet Zaag at Silaseli to pick up her passenger.
Objective: Meet Zaag at the Silaseli Ruins
Something's wrong with the mage. I should follow Zaag into Silaseli to find out what's wrong with him.
Objective: Follow Zaag
We arrived at Silaseli to find Arnitole turned into iron. I should ask Zaag for more details.
Objective: Talk to Zaag
Zaag asked me to figure out why Arnitole refuses to leave Silaseli.
Objective: Talk to Arnitole
Arnitole's experiments with the Ayleid Relic separated his emotions from his personality. I can use the Ayleid Relic to enter of a Silaseli "dreamstate" and recover Arnitole's emotions.
Objective: Touch the Ayleid Relic
I used the Ayleid Relic to enter of a Silaseli "dreamstate." To recover Arnitole's emotions, I must make each emotion feel its opposite to stabilize it.
Objective: Recover Arnitole's Happiness
Hidden Objective: It'd Be A Shame if Something Happened to Buttons
Objective: Recover Arnitole's Sadness
Objective Hint: Choose the Correct Portal
Objective: Recover Arnitole's Anger
Objective: Recover Arnitole's Fear
☒Fails quest (Appears if you choose wrong portal while chasing Arnitole's Sadness)
Objective: Failed:Used the Wrong Portal
(Appears once you reach Arnitole's Sadness)
Objective: Talk to Arnitole's Sadness
I successfully recovered Arnitole's emotions. I should use the Ayleid Relic to return from of a Silaseli "dreamstate."
Objective: Touch the Ayleid Relic
I successfully recovered Arnitole's emotions. I should talk to him in Silaseli to see how, or if, he feels.
Objective: Talk to Arnitole
I recovered Arnitole's emotions and restored him to health. I should talk to Zaag to debrief her.
Objective: Talk to Zaag
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