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Home City Balmora
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Pickpocket Medium Profession Provisioner

Ciirillie is a Bosmer waitress who can be found in Balmora. She is disgruntled with House Redoran and the Dunmer for not appreciating her culture's unique style of brewing alcohol.

She'll say when spoken to:

"Dark Elves! Put a little fermented meat in the brew and they call out the Redoran soldiers! I don't know why I try to share my stash with such ungrateful skeevers."
"The Redorans are skeevers, every one of them! And I'll fight anyone who tries to tell me different!"
"I use only the finest water when I make a brew, drawn straight out of the Odai River itself! The lava run-off gives it a charred taste that I'm particularly fond of."