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Charlemic Justal
Home City Evermore
Location Anchor's Point Inn
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket (?) Profession (?)
Charlemic Justal

Charlemic Justal is a Breton patron of the Anchor's Point Inn, the inn located in the city of Evermore. He leans against the wall across from the bar.


"You a sailor? I don't suppose you're setting out anytime soon? I'm a fair carpenter—I just need a way out of this town."
Sorry, I'm no sailor.
"Yeah—you look less ragged than most. Was worth a shot."
Why are you trying to get out of town?
"Are you joking? This place is a ship taking on water. I'm trying to get out with the rest of the rats before it sinks."
What's got you worried?
"The Reachmen, a dead king, those cursed spooky crows, the terrified refugees ... take your pick."
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