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Champion of Atrocity
Location Spiral Shadows, Maelstrom Arena
Species Spider Daedra
Health Normal487,565Veteran923,417 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Champion of Atrocity atop the sidelines

The Champion of Atrocity is a spider daedra serving as the final boss of Stage 6: Spiral Shadows in Maelstrom Arena. She can be periodically disabled by unveiling all five obelisks, as you can kill Venomous Hoarvors to remove webs from them.

The Champion in the arena, disabled by the obelisks

Before her fight, she will be atop the sidelines sending out various Daedra, Webspinners to cover obelisks, and waves of Spiderlings that are vulnerable to exposed obelisks.

Appears only with Scions of Ithelia

Champion of Atrocity
Location Bedlam Veil, Skyvault Foyer
Species Spider Daedra
Health Normal550,102Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile

The Champion of Atrocity is fought once more during the Darkshard boss fight in Bedlam Veil. She appears once Darkshard reaches the 60% health threshold and retreats.

She uses the same abilities as before, and will summon Spiderlings, Spider Daedra and Void Lurchers during combat.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic ranged attack dealing moderate poison damage.
Lightning Onslaught
The Champion rubs her hands together, charging them with lightning, before releasing it in several bursts going out from her location, indicated by small traveling circular AoEs, dealing high shock damage. This can be interrupted.
Lightning Storm
The Champion raises her hands to the sky, calling forth a lightning storm that ravages the arena, indicated by a large amount of small circular AoEs, dealing high shock damage each.
Call Lightning
The Champion curls up into herself, overcharging with energy, before releasing a massive burst of lightning, indicated by a large growing circular AoE, dealing very high shock damage and staggering you.
Summon Offspings
During the fight, the Champion will periodically summon smaller spider daedra to assist her in the fight. They have weak health and can be killed rather quickly. However, attacking them causes the Champion to glow red and become enraged, increasing her damage output for a duration.


"Worm! You're making me angry!"
"Bah! Our supply of webs is endless!"
"Enough! I will silence you and these devices!"
"Think that light can protect you? Not for long!"
"The light will not save you!"
"You dare attack my children!"


  • Along with the Lamia Queen, she is the only arena boss that is seen before entering the ring.
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