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Champion Marcauld
Home Settlement Dragonstar Arena
Race Breton Gender Male
Health Normal787,300[verification needed]Veteran4,253,807
Normal(?)Veteran2,784,310 (Hiath fight)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Champion Marcauld

Champion Marcauld is a Breton member of the Fighters Guild and the final boss of the first round of the Dragonstar Arena. He is present at the entrance before you start your trial.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Champion Marcauld uses all of the tank class abilities and uses multiple Fighters Guild skill line abilities in combat:

Silver Bolts
Marcauld fires his crossbow at you, dealing high physical damage and knocking you down.
Dawnguard Slam
Marcauld performs a magical slam like the Dawnguard ability, indicated by a wide cone AoE in front of him, dealing very high magical damage.
Blessed Zone
Marcaud raises his hand to the sky before tossing an orb of magic on the floor, creating a bright AoE around the landing location, dealing high continuous magical damage.
Blessed Weapon
Marcauld raises his sword to the sky, blessing it with holy magic, boosting his outgoing damage for a duration.
Marcauld can block incoming melee attacks, reducing the damage received.


Champion Marcauld
Home Settlement Dragonstar Arena
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

You can speak to him at the entrance.

"You don't plan to compete in this challenge, do you?
I say this with the best intentions—leave now. I hate to see the weak get stomped upon. And that's my good deed for the day."
"Do yourself a favor and save on the healer's fees. Abandon your dreams of competing in the Arena. I'd hate to see that rugged face receive any additional damage."
"Run along, pup. This is no place for the likes of you."
"If you insist on going through with this foolishness, may I give you a word of advice?
Best to put your affairs in order before you get beaten to a bloody pulp."
Who are you?
"The Arena Champion, at your service. In case you haven't heard of me, which means you really need to get out more, I'm the current champion.
I dare say I'm the Fighters Guild's greatest champion, in fact."
Why is the Fighters Guild here?
"The Fighters Guild isn't here. Not officially. But we were growing bored with all the Daedric drama. So here we are, ready to make everyone respect and fear the Guild again."
If you're in the Fighters Guild If you're not in the Fighters Guild
I don't recall people fearing us as being part of the job. So why don't you simply quit the organization?
"A fellow member, eh? Then you should know as well as anyone. If your enemies don't fear you, they think you're weak. I'm tired of being considered weak!
We'll show the world that the Fighters Guild consists of the greatest of warriors."
"Because fear makes your enemies wary of you. They avoid you. They hide like sniviling [sic] dogs when you confront them.
Whatever makes them weak, makes us strong. What more does it matter?"
You're the champion?
"Of course I'm the champion!
Look around. Do you see anyone who would even stand a chance against me? Ha! We'll crush everyone under our boots! Including you, if you dare to compete against us."
[Intimidate]I'll dare. And I'll beat you, too.
"Really? That's something I need to see.
Head up the hall and enter the Arena. Then we can settle this the old-fashioned way. Just remember, I warned you."
What can you tell me about this arena?
"I'm the champion. There's no way you can hope to best me. What more do you even need to know?
Just give up while you still can."

He has no combat dialogue.


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