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Discover the secret of the Alasil pilasters.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: The Temple of Sul
Location(s): Temple of Sul, Hissmir
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1737 XP

I've found a book about Ayleid 'Alasil pilasters' within the Temple of Sul. Beside it was a small Ayleid relic that may be able to awaken the pilasters.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Inspect a relic in the Temple of Sul.
  2. Awaken the Alasil pilasters.
  3. Talk to Neeja-Meen in Hissmir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you enter the Temple of Sul, you'll find a relic (itself labeled "The Temple of Sul") lying on the floor, next to a blue bonfire. Inspect the relic:

"It is believed this relic can awaken ancient Ayleid 'Alasil pilasters,' but I've yet to determine how precisely it works. Perhaps Neeja-Meen will know more. I should ask the next time she travels through Hissmir.
—Scholar Kizibael"
<Take the relic.>

You will need to travel throughout the temple and interact with three "pilasters" in sequence, fighting your way through Skeletal Warriors and Wraiths as you do so. Each pilaster will display a vision of a conversation between ancient Ayleids.

The first conversation, at the Mathmel Pilaster, takes place between two Ayleid scholars:

Male: "The older ruins are surprisingly complex. Lizards never built these."
Female: "We've found no evidence of a prior civilization."
Male: "At least the lizards are resilient. They'll serve us nicely."

The second conversation, at the Mathmori Pilaster, takes place between two Ayleid nobles, while an Argonian slave huddles nearby.

Female: "What do you think of my new slaves?"
Male: "Their skin will give your flesh sculptures great color and texture."
Female: "Indeed! My masterpiece will rival the Wailing Wheels of Vindasel!"

The final conversation, at the Jorane Pilaster, takes place between an Ayleid Soldier and an Alessian Knight:

Ayleid: "Your revolt will fail, slave. You are mere animals!"
Alessian: "Alessia has shown us the way, Elf. We are slaves no longer!"

The Alessian Knight will cut the Ayleid Soldier down, before the two fade out of view.

If you continue into the next room, you'll find a one-way door to the north. Activate the button on the ground, and you'll be taken through the door. Exit the temple and head to Hissmir, where you'll find Neeja-Meen. Speak to her to complete the quest:

"Well met. I'm studying the ruins throughout Shadowfen.
Should you find anything significant, please bring it to me."
I found this Ayleid relic in the Temple of Sul. It awakens the pilasters inside.
"Very interesting! One can learn much from Ayleid ruins. I must visit this place myself!
A grand discovery. You did the right thing to bring these to Hissmir. I will guard this treasure and keep it safe."

Quest Stages[edit]

Captured Time
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should attempt to locate and awaken the pilasters.
Objective: Awaken Ayleid Pilasters
Hidden Objective: Awaken Mathmeld Pilaster
Hidden Objective: Awaken Mathmori Pilaster
Hidden Objective: Awaken Jorane Pilaster
☑Finishes quest I awakened Ayleid pilasters in the Temple of Sul. They revealed what seemed to be memories of the past. I should report what I've learned to Neeja-Meen in Hissmir.
Objective: Talk to Neeja-Meen