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Captain Evani
Location Abah's Landing
No Shira Citadel
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Captain Evani walking away from the meeting with Aquilia Andus.

Captain Evani is the Khajiit captain of The Dreamsnake docked in Abah's Landing. She is in the skooma trade with Aquilia Andus, which is being pressured by a mysterious new merchant lord.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The player has the choice of infiltrating her ship to recover her log or eavesdropping on a conversation with a business partner:

Captain Evani: "Keep it down! Do want everyone to hear?"

Once you hide you can listen in on their meeting.

Captain Evani: "Your people must have talked to this "Cosh." We were at sea!"
Aquilia Andus: "Why reveal our skooma supplier to some merchant lord who wants a cut?"
Captain Evani: "It doesn't matter. This Cosh demanded I come alone to No Shira Citadel."
Aquilia Andus: "The Iron Wheel's headquarters? How is he involved with... no, don't tell me, best you meet him before the Iron Wheel sends soldiers after us both."

Later on, she can be found in the Iron Wheel's headquarters, No Shira Citadel:

Cosh: "This is your only chance to consider my proposal. Work for me, or else."
Zulgukh: "Or else what?"
Cosh: "Or I hand these documents to the Iron Wheel. They do so frown on slavery and skooma peddling. Take a moment to consider your options. Well?"
Captain Evani: "What choice do we have? We're in."
Cosh: "Good. Then I shall make your documents disappear. What? My papers were here! Did they fall behind the... I'll attend to that after my meeting with Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. Do remember who holds your reins."
Zulgukh: "That went well, I think."

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