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Captain Elonthor
Home Settlement Southpoint
Location Cathedral of the Golden Path
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Captain Elonthor

Captain Elonthor is a Bosmer officer of the Aldmeri Dominion investigating the situation occurring in the town of Southpoint.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Grip of Madness[edit]

"Turn back, citizen. Southpoint is... I don't know what to call it, exactly."
What happened?
"I sent three of my best scouts into Southpoint to answer that very question, but none returned. Until I know their fates, I can't request reinforcements. But I won't send anyone else inside until I know what happened to my scouts. You see my predicament."
What if I found your scouts?
"I certainly won't stop you. One of Southpoint's citizens also offered to help find the scouts, but she seemed a bit... eccentric. Perhaps she has something to offer beyond alarming theories."
I'll speak with her.
"You should know Daraneth has some sort of position in Elden Root. Seems to think her reputation precedes her. No need to kiss the hem of her robes, but she's far less prickly if you show her some respect."
I'll keep that in mind.
"Last I saw Daraneth, she was taking shelter in one of the tents. I could do without this damnable rain. It's been storming since we arrived, and it shows no sign of letting up."
Can I ask you some questions?
"Ask what you will."
What do you think is happening in Southpoint?
"I don't care to speculate."
Why not?
"I can only act upon what I know. It's apparent that the townsfolk have caused harm to themselves and others within Southpoint. Yes, it seems they've all gone mad. But until I know for certain, all I can do is hope to contain it."
How long has Southpoint been like this?
"Strange reports arrived in Elden Root a week ago. Little things, people acting oddly. But when a Southpoint guard delivered his own severed tongue to the Altmer Embassy, someone noticed. If we weren't spread so thin, we'd have been here earlier."
Why are you spread so thin?
"General Endare pulled her entire company from the [sic, also pronounced] Haven and left for parts unknown. In her absence, we've filled the gaps. I tried to commandeer forces from the Gray Mire, but the Thalmor Inner Council considers Argonian refugees a greater threat. In their wisdom."
What can you tell me about Southpoint?
"Centuries ago it was an Imperial stronghold, but now it's known as a sleepy coastal town with a big cathedral. You'll find mostly Colovians who've been here for generations and a handful of Wood Elves who don't pay much heed to the Green Pact."

Speaking to Captain Elonthor after the quest has been concluded results in the following dialogue:

"The scouts you rescued brought reinforcements from Elden Root. We subdued the townsfolk for their own protection.
Tell me, what happened int he cathedral?"
Sheogorath was the cause of all of this.
"What? I thought Daraneth was mad. A Daedric Prince, in Grahtwood?
Is he in the cathedral? We should clear the town!"
No, I made a deal with him to leave town.
"You ... well, thank the Eight Divines!
Where is this Mayor Aulus all the crazed citizens mentioned? I'd like a word with him."
I killed him. That was Sheogorath's deal.
"Probably best I keep that from the report. My superiors will see no further than "abetted a Daedric Prince." I'd rather not diminish your significant accomplishments."
What will happen to Southpoint's citizens?
"We'll escort them to Elden Root. Hopefully the Mages Guild can look into their madness.
As for Southpoint, we'll remain here to help rebuild. After this, what else can we do?"