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This article is about the enchanter in Daggerfall. For the tailor in Daggerfall, see Camille Phien. For the weaponsmith in Aldcroft, see Camille Guylitte.

Camille Ashton
Home City Daggerfall
Store Ashton's Enchantments
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Enchanter
Camille Ashton

Camille Ashton is a Breton enchanter who can be found at her store, Ashton's Enchantments, in Daggerfall.


She is confident in the usefulness of her craft.

"Anything can be made better through enchantment. Anything. Don't believe me? Give it a try."

You can ask her about the enchanting process.

Can you tell me about enchanting?
"Of course! Enchanting is the art of empowerment. We gather runes found throughout the world and use our special instruments to assemble them into glyphs. These glyphs can be used to magically enhance worn or wielded items."
So I'll have to find all these runes in the wild?
"Not exactly. Runes can be extracted from glyphs you find while adventuring. It's a delicate process, so you'll have to return to one of our work stations to proceed. Note that the glyph will be destroyed in the process. Unfortunate, but necessary."
So how exactly do glyphs work?
"Glyphs are assembled by combining three different runes.
Potency runes determine the glyph's strength. Aspect affects the glyph's quality. Finally, the Essence rune decides the glyph's effect.
It's a delicate art best learned by doing. Good luck."