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Cadwell the Betrayer
(lore page)
Location Rimmen Palace
Sepulcher of Mischance
Shadow Dance Temple
Race Nede Gender Male
Health 267,687 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Friendly
Hostile (end of Cadwell the Betrayer)
Cadwell the Betrayer

Cadwell the Betrayer is the person that the Soul-Shriven Sir Cadwell of Codswallop was in life—a hero who helped Khunzar-ri and his kra'jun seal the dragons away in the Halls of Colossus only to betray him in an attempt to take the power sealed away in the Plane of Jode. He died during his last stand in the Shadow Dance Temple during the Merethic Era, with his remains scattered across the land and his name wiped from all records.

Euraxia Tharn's chief necromancer, Zumog Phoom, resurrected the disgraced Nedic knight to serve as his familiar and confidant, although initially only as a floating head. Phoom sent Lieutenant Lepida to Desert Winds Adeptorium to find where the rest of the Betrayer's body parts were buried.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Usurper Queen[edit]

"When I am made whole, the cats will pay for what they did to me."

After you arrive in the Rimmen Palace to parley with Euraxia Tharn, you will be stopped by Zumog Phoom who is accompanied by his familiar.

Zumog Phoom: "Ah, here come Queen Euraxia's guests now."
Cadwell the Betrayer: "I don't like the looks of these meddlers. I say we feed them to the Dragons and be done with it."

Said familiar is the disembodied head of the Betrayer, and he will reveal that he saw you from Cadwell's eyes.

"I know you. I saw you through the Soul Shriven's eyes. You were with the fool who thinks himself the shining knight of Cyrod.
If only he knew what a monster I was. The horrors of Coldharbour pale before my heinous deeds!"
You're Cadwell's head?
"I am my own head, yes.
I am the hero of Cyrod and the villain of Elsweyr. The champion of the Third Nedic Massacre and the dark knight they call the Betrayer."
You aren't the Cadwell I know.
"Of course not. I am the genuine article, much more real than a disembodied soul given shape in the flesh-cauldrons of Oblivion.
But why do you presume to talk to me? I have killed greater beings than you for much, much less."
You're the Betrayer mentioned on the gravestone?
"Came to that conclusion by yourself, did you? That's what they called me. Has a certain ring to it, but I always preferred my more grandiose titles. Champion. Slayer. Dark Knight.
When I am made whole, the cats will pay for what they did to me."

After you have spoken with Zumog Phoom, Cadwell will speak up again.

Cadwell the Betrayer: "Now, about the rest of my body, O pestilent one …."
Zumog Phoom: "Your insults won't hasten the process, Betrayer."
Cadwell the Betrayer: "But there's a terrible draft in what used to be my nether regions!"

If you speak with him again, Cadwell will have a request.

"If Queen Euraxia has you beheaded, do you mind if I lay claim to your body? It's not quite up to my usual standards, but any dagger in the spleen, wouldn't you agree?"

Two Queens[edit]

As you accompany Captain Nala-do and Zamarak through the Rimmen Palace, you will be trapped in the Chapel of the Guiding Moons by Zumog. Cadwell will then taunt you:

Captain Nala-do : "It's the necromancer, Zumog Phoom!"
Captain Nala-do : "They locked us in!"
Zumog Phoom : "Queen Euraxia will be delighted to hear that we have guests!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "Oh, look! More cats! I do adore flaying and then roasting the nasty creatures!"
Zumog Phoom : "If you'll excuse us, we have another member of your party to deal with."
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I'm of two minds. I want to watch your cadavers tear these cheeky mudcrabs apart, but I also want to deal with my inferior duplicate. What to do, what to do?"

When you catch up to them in the Great Hall, you will find performing some ritual on Cadwell:

Cadwell: "Help! They're going to destroy me!"
Cadwell the Betrayer: "Destroy you? No. We're simply correcting a mistake of nature."
Zumog Phoom: "We will transfer your duplicate's animus into you, Head. But our time with Queen Euraxia has reached its end. Come along."
Cadwell: "Please … not like this …."

Cadwell the Betrayer[edit]

Defeat Zumog Phoom and Cadwell the Betrayer will rise:

Cadwell the Betrayer : "Oh, jolly good show! Of course, I planned to deal with the Orc myself, once my reanimation was complete."
Cadwell the Betrayer : "Now that I'm whole, I have a destiny to fulfill. So, cheerio!"

Shadow Dance Temple[edit]

"You talk to your new god like that? Manners!"

As you and Khamira proceed through the temple, you'll witness a memory of the Betrayer's last visit to the Shadow Dance Temple:

Moon-Priest : "Please, Sir Cadwell! You're part of Khunzar-ri's Kra'jun. Why are you doing this?"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I want what Khunzar-ri hid away, and I need to move the moons to reach it. If a few cats must die along the way, what of it?"
Moon-Priest : "You're … you're insane!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "You talk to your new god like that? Manners!"
Khamira : "The temple … it shows us how the Betrayer became attuned."

Continue and another memory appears:

Cadwell the Betrayer : "It's almost a shame how Anequina's faithful keep throwing themselves at my blade. Almost."

Vault of the Heavenly Scourge[edit]

Enter the chamber and battle the Betrayer:

Cadwell the Betrayer : "Too late, fools! The eclipse has started!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I'm going to share the power with the Dragons. Magnanimous, don't you think?"

During the battle, he'll taunt:

Cadwell the Betrayer : "Here, let me open wide the path to Oblivion!" (Large AOE Attack)
Cadwell the Betrayer : "Do my portals confuse you? Good!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I can strike from any direction!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "Chew on these lovely keepsakes, dolts!"

Spells and Abilities[edit]

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