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ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Undaunted.png Burial at Sea
Type Veteran Dungeons Achievements
Points 50
Defeat Stormreeve Neidir in Veteran Tempest Island, after invoking the Scroll of Glorious Battle.

Burial at Sea is awarded for defeating Stormreeve Neidir in Tempest Island at Veteran level, after activating the Scroll of Glorious Battle, which makes the fight more difficult.How exactly?

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The mechanics of this fight include:

-A massive AoE red circle that expands from under Neidir and deals massive amounts of damage and can knock you down. You have to dodge roll out of it and as soon as it ends,all players need to come right back halfway towards the boss otherwise she will ...

-A sudden teleport and one-shot kill to any players that are out of her range.

-The boss will also randomly cast lightning on distant players.

-There will be small whirlwinds traveling around the area. Their numbers will increase the lengthier the fight is. If you get hit by one of them, you lose some hp and it will also briefly stun you. They make it very hard for anybody to resurrect a dead comrade.

Recommendations for the fight:

The healer needs to always be on his/her toes and keep everybody's health up to max as much as possible because many of the mechanics are a near one-shot.

It's better for the dps to be ranged because melee dps have a hard time dodging out of the big red aoe circle. And it's always good to have self-heals.

Tank keep the boss taunted and he/she (if dragonkinght) should equip Magma Shell (ultimate ability) and use immovability potions. This combination can save a team wipe and he's the best guy/gal to be resurrecting people. Also it's best if he can wear Ebon armor. Every bit of extra hp will help ease the healer's task or avoid a death. A tank can block through the red circle aoe but it's best if he/she can dodge-roll out of it and back in too to avoid getting a knock back.

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