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Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Location Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge
Store Grotto Goods & Such
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Outlaws Refuge Merchant

Brugagikh is an Orc merchant who runs Grotto Goods & Such in the refuge located beneath the town of Velyn Harbor. He is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, having written a treatise postulating that the Planemeld is actually a ruse by a powerful cabal of mages to rule Tamriel.


"So I told him, I said, how come when the queen sends her armies into war, that's noble, but when I burn down the barracks with everyone inside, that's a crime?"
"So I got to thinking, what if everything we've been taught is wrong? What if the government is just robbing us, and this whole war is just a distraction?"