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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defend the docks from the Covenant.
Zone: Bal Foyen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Quest Giver: Eleven-Skips
Location(s): Bal Foyen Dockyards
Prerequisite Quest: Crossroads
Next Quest: Warning Davon's Watch
Reward: General Vette's Greatsword
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
The Covenant has launched an attack against the Bal Foyen Dockyards.
The Daggerfall Covenant has siezed [sic] control of Foyen Docks. An injured Argonian fisherman saw Rana fighting through their ranks.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Eleven-Skips.
  2. Free the fishermen from the windmill.
  3. Go to the eastern docks and help Sergeant Seyne defend the escaping fisherfolk.
  4. Find Trynhild in the building on the western docks.
  5. Help Captain Rana fight the Covenant commander aboard King Casimir's Pride.
  6. Talk to Centurion Mobareed in his quarters aboard The Velvet Lash.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you reach the bridge leading to the docks, you will come across an injured argonian, Eleven-Skips, who tells you that you don't have time to look for Captain Rana, as some fishermen from the docks are trapped in a burning windmill nearby. He asks that you rescue them before they die. The windmill is located to the west of the bridge, atop a small hill. As you reach it, you will see that the door is blocked by a door bar laid sideways across it. Remove it and the fishermen will rush out. As they go, a nord woman, Asga, limps in through the gate behind you, telling you that you have to help Sergeant Seyne at the docks, or she won't last long.

Head towards the docks and you'll find Covenant soldiers roaming in and around them, fighting against Pact soldiers. When you reach the east side of the docks, you'll find Sergeant Seyne trying to defend the fleeing fishermen from the invaders in front of some buildings. Assist her kill a few waves of them, and she'll tell you that she's all right and that you should go find Trynhild and Rana on the other side of the docks.

Cross the bridge to the western side of the docks. You'll find Trynhild slumped against a wall inside the building behind the quartermaster's tent. She will tell you that she fell fighting beside Captain Rana, and that Rana hid her here before going after the Covenant commander, who also organised the attack on Bleakrock. She asks that you don't let Rana fight him alone and sends you onwards to a ship docked at the end of the wooden pier to the north. Make your way to the ship, King Casimir's Pride, where you'll meet a tired-looking Captain Rana standing over some Covenant corpses. She will confirm that the commander of the ship is responsible for the deaths at Bleakrock and asks you to follow her belowdecks to confront him.

As you enter the hold of the ship, you'll find Captain Rana surrounded by burning cargo, facing a locked door at the end of the hold. Talk to her, and confirm that you are ready to fight, to make the commander, General Vette, appear along with a Covenant mage. Kill them and head back to the docks, where you will find the Covenant troops vanquished and their assault broken. Go aboard the ship, The Velvet Lash, being built in the middle of the docks, and enter the Centurion's Quarters at the northern end to talk to Centurion Mobareed. He will thank you for helping to drive the Covenant from the docks and reward you with General Vette's Greatsword and a moderate amount of gold, completing the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Breaking the Tide
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
An Argonian told me that Covenant troops have trapped fishermen in the windmill. I should free them before soldiers set fire to the buildings.
Objective: Free Fishermen
I must reach Seyne on the docks. If she's under attack, I need to jump into the fray before Covenant troops overtake her.
Objective: Assist Sergeant Seyne at the Docks
I must help Sergeant Seyne fight off the Covenant attackers.
Objective: Defend Fisherfolk
I must find Trynhild and Captain Rana. Seyne said they're on the other side of the docks.
Objective: Find Trynhild and Rana
I found Trynhild. I should speak with her and see if she knows where to find Captain Rana.
Objective: Talk to Trynhild
Captain Rana ran toward the boat to attack the commander. I must find her.
Objective: Look for Captain Rana
I've found Rana gathering her strength for another attack. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
Rana and I have cornered the commander who led the attack against Bleakrock Isle. We must put an end to him.
Objective: Kill the Covenant Commander
Objective Hint: Talk to Captain Rana
☑Finishes quest Reinforcements have arrived. I should talk to them.
Objective: Talk to Centurion