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Help a trickster get the better of her rival.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Thormar — Earn a place in the Five Finger Dance.
Quest Giver: Daifa
Location(s): Thormar
Concurrent Quest: Baan Dar's Boast
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
Daifa wants my help to prank her Subtle Knife rival, Aldeth, who has won their trickster duels for the last four years.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Daifa.
  2. Collect the canis root, riddle box, and rotmeth.
  3. Return to Daifa with the items and take the tampered box.
  4. Give the tampered box to Aldeth.
  5. Return to Daifa for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Riddle Me This[edit]

Talk to Daifa in the Thormar and she will complain about losing and not being able to take it anymore. Ask her what's wrong and she will explain that Aldeth has beaten her for the last four Boasts. She says Aldeth tricked her and now she wants to get her own back. She wants to use Aldeth's obsession with Khajiiti puzzle boxes against her. She asks you to get a riddle box from Yanabir's tent, some canis root from the base of the ruins, and some rotmeth starter from a Bosmer camp.

Canis root is abundant around the waterlogged area to the south, though there are many hostile creatures there too. Yanabir's tent is in the camp in the western part of the ruins, and the puzzle box is in a lockbox in the tent. A vat of rotmeth starter can be found in the storage area on the other side of the Bosmer camp from Daifa.

Fowl Play[edit]

Return to Daifa once you have all the components. She quickly makes the potion inside the box and hands it back to you, asking if you would deliver it to Aldeth so she won't be suspicious of the box. Walk over to Aldeth and present the box to her as a gift from an admirer. She bets that she can open the one you just gave her in less than a minute, which she does, then promptly turns into a chicken as the transformation potion takes effect.

Return again to Daifa for your reward of a few gold coins. You can ask if Aldeth will be OK, to which she replies that Aldeth gave her skeever cookies last year and she thought she had caught corprus disease from them. This doesn't answer your question, but if you return to Aldeth you can see she has already transformed back, though feeling a little sick.

Quest Stages[edit]

Box of Riddles
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Collect Riddle Box
Objective: Collect Rotmeth Starter
Objective: Collect Canis Root
Objective: Find Daifa in the Bosmer Camp
Objective: Play a Trick on Aldeth
Objective: Talk to Daifa
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