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Location Aldmeri Dominion Guildhall, Vulkwasten
Daggerfall Covenant Fighters Guild, Sentinel
Ebonheart Pact Fighters Guild, Fort Amol
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Borogilmith is a Bosmer member of the Fighters Guild and the Province General of Valenwood. She can be encountered with the other Council‎ members at the guildhall in Vulkwasten, Sentinel or Fort Amol during the quest Proving the Deed.

Related Quests[edit]


Proving the Deed[edit]

Borogilmith can be found with the rest of the Fighters Guild council, waiting for evidence linking to Jofnir's killer.

"By the Green, I am uneasy. All this talk of death and magic. Give me something I can hit!
"I didn't become province general of Valenwood through quiet meditation. I got this post through action!"

After returning from Ragnthar with evidence implicating Sees-All-Colors as Jofnir's murderer:

"By the Green, share your news and be quick about it."

Once Merric has been told the news:

"I bet things are going to get really interesting around here."

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