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Location College of Aldmeri Propriety
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)

Borchon is a Bosmer student found at the College of Aldmeri Propriety.

Related Quests[edit]


He is initially found in Piromir's class:

Piromir: "Repeat the pledge again, class."
Borchon and Doneth: "We swear fealty to the Dominion. We renounce the Green Pact."
Piromir: "I can't hear you. Louder!"
Borchon and Doneth: "We protect the Dominion from her enemies. We give our lives in her defense. And we recognize the Altmer as our betters."

You can talk to him after class:

"This is so humiliating."
What was that all about?
"Shh. Keep your voice down.
It's part of our indoctrination. We have to denounce the Green Pact every day, commit ourselves to the Dominion. "
"The instructors keep saying "there is nothing but the Dominion." We're supposed to give up on our "old lives" and become one under the Thalmor.
Now leave me be. You'll get me in trouble."
Very well.
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