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Fulfill a contract to deliver blacksmithing goods.
Quest Giver: Equipment Crafting Writs Board
Prerequisite Quest: Blacksmith Certification
Reward: Blacksmith's Crate
ationInspirationBlacksmith Inspiration
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Rich ore nodes, a possible reward
I've taken a contract from one of the Writ boards, an agreement to deliver Blacksmith goods to an interested organization.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Complete the contract.
  2. Deliver the goods.
  3. Sign the manifest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Blacksmith Writs are available to anyone who completes the Blacksmith Certification quest. The quest can be picked off from the Equipment Crafting Writs boards once per day.

"Seeking skilled blacksmiths to fulfill simple requisitions! Your goods could make the difference! Carefully examine specific orders as you take them from the board!"
<Pull a Writ from the Board.>
Crafting writs board and quartermaster locations
Alliance Region City Pick up
Pick up
Drop off
Covenant Alik'r Desert Sentinel (map) (map) (map)
Dominion Auridon Vulkhel Guard (map) (map) (map)
Covenant Bangkorai Evermore (map) (map) (map)
Coldharbour The Hollow City (map) (map) (map)
Craglorn Belkarth (map) (map) (map)
Pact Deshaan Mournhold (map) (map) (map)
Pact Eastmarch Windhelm (map) (map) (map)
Covenant Glenumbra Daggerfall (map) (map) (map)
Dominion Grahtwood Elden Root (map) (map) (map)
Dominion Greenshade Marbruk (map) (map) (map)
Hew's Bane Abah's Landing (map) (map) N/A
Dominion Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor (map) (map) (map)
Dominion Reaper's March Rawl'kha (map) (map) (map)
Covenant Rivenspire Shornhelm (map) (map) (map)
Pact Shadowfen Stormhold (map) (map) (map)
Pact Stonefalls Davon's Watch (map) (map) (map)
Covenant Stormhaven Wayrest (map) (map) (map)
Summerset Alinor (map) (map) (map)
Pact The Rift Riften (map) (map) (map)
Vvardenfell Vivec City (map) (map) (map)
Wrothgar Orsinium (map) (map) (map)

If Coldharbour nor Craglorn area hasn't been visited the quest level is capped at five[verification needed — Is this still true?], thus Ebony is the highest level. Visiting Coldharbour enables level 6 quests and rewards and visiting Craglorn unlocks all levels.

The items needed will always be a mix of weapons and armor, in any of three different combinations.

  • 1 helm, 1 dagger and 1 pauldron
  • 1 cuirass, 1 sword and 1 greaves
  • 1 greatsword, 1 sabatons and 1 gauntlets

The material needed to craft is dependent on the characters rank in the appropriate skill and also defines the level of the reward received.

Metalworking Amount Material 00000Inspiration Reward
1 12-15 Iron 1000 Blacksmith's Crate I
2 15-18 Steel 2000 Blacksmith's Crate II
3 18-22 Orichalc 4000 Blacksmith's Crate III
4 21-25 Dwarven 6000 Blacksmith's Crate IV
5 24-28 Ebony 8000 Blacksmith's Crate V
6 27-31 Calcinium 10000 Blacksmith's Crate VI
7 30-34 Galatite 13000 Blacksmith's Crate VII
8 33-37 Quicksilver 16000 Blacksmith's Crate VIII
9 36-40 Voidstone 20000 Blacksmith's Crate IX
10 36-40 Rubedite 20000 Blacksmith's Crate X

Once you have completed the writ, you can head to the nearest item depot to deliver the goods:

<The crate contains ample space for deliveries, and a sheaf of manifest papers.>
<Place the goods within the crate.>

Level 1:

<The Consortium set aside a crate of Blacksmith supplies as a reward, along with a note of thanks.>
"Good work, friend smith! Your skill at working metal does you proud. We look forward to dealing with you again."

Level 2:

<The military provided a crate of Blacksmith supplies as payment, along with a note of thanks.>
"Your work to support the war effort does you proud. And we imagine that more than one soldier enjoys both the style and effectiveness of your designs."

Level 3:

<The Guild provided a crate of Smithing supplies as a reward, as well as a note of thanks.>
"The Daedra refuse to go down without a fight. Thanks to you and your crafting skills, we can give them a proper one!"

Level 4:

<A battered crate of supplies awaits you, a scrap of paper tacked to its side.>
"You were never here. We were never here. Let's never mention this again. Thanks."

Level 5:

<The organization gathered enough supplies to offer you a crate as a reward. They also included a note of thanks.>
"You have our thanks, crafter. These arms and armor guarantee that the least among us can protect themselves."

Level 6:

"<A cast-off crate of supplies sits inside the box, a note attached to the lid.>
"Found these in the ruins of a Daedric camp. Your efforts keep us focused on this little corner of Oblivion."

Level 7:

"<The Dragonstar Trading Company provided a crate of Blacksmith supplies as payment, along with a note of thanks.>
"Damned adventurers would be better off hiring us than doing it all themselves! They have a fighting chance thanks to your efforts."

Level 8:

"<A crate labeled "Crossroads Profiteers" waits inside the box, a note attached to one side.>
"New equipment is so much better than the slightly used materials we collect from the battlefield. Accept this as compensation."

Level 9:

<A crate from the Belkarth Quartermaster awaits within, stocked with supplies. A note is attached.>
"Thanks for keeping the new arrivals stocked. Good luck to you."

Level 10:

<The client provided a crate of Blacksmith supplies as payment, along with a note.>
"The Orsinium Civic Renewal and Vengeance Committee appreciates your work. These supplies now go toward renewing the city of Orsinium. Malacath curse your enemies!"

Quest Stages[edit]

Blacksmith Writ
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
This writ is from the (name of organisation). They need (names of items) for (purpose).
Objective: Craft (names of items).
Objective: Deliver Goods to (location name).
☑Finishes quest I've placed my delivery of crafted goods into the crate. All that remains is to sign the manifest and take my reward.
Objective: Sign Delivery Manifest