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Birer Salothan
Home Settlement Ald Isra
Location Caravaner Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Caravaner
Birer Salothan

Birer Salothan is a Dark Elf caravaner who can be found at the Caravaner Tower in Ald Isra. He can take you from Ald Isra to Necrom.


"I saw you giving Bittersweet here a good once-over. She's a remarkable silt strider, isn't she? Probably the best I've worked with.
And she'll get you to Necrom safely, I promise."
"You're just in time to embark on a wondrous trip through the Telvanni Peninsula and see what Necrom has to offer you.
Don't let the idea of a city of the dead put you off. And Bittersweet here would love for you to join her."
"Ah, looking for a way out of Ald Isra? I admit, it's not to everyone's taste. But perhaps I presume too much.
Regardless, I can get you to Necrom on Bittersweet here."

You can ask him to take you to Necrom:

Tell me more about your silt strider.
"Oh, of course! Yes, Bittersweet here has taken the path between Ald Isra and Necrom for more years than I can remember. Nothing stops her from reaching her destination."
Take me to Necrom.