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Home Settlement Riverhold
Location Outside Riverhold Stables
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier

Beshari is a Khajiit soldier who can be found sharpening her weapons outside the stables in Riverhold.


"Gharesh-ri may be our general, but on the battlefield? That's Captain Nala-do's domain. She leads every charge, make no mistake."
"We wouldn't have liberated Riverhold the first time without the leadership of Gharesh-ri. He has our loyalty and respect.
I suppose he gets that for being the Speaker of the Mane, too, but you get the idea."
"I wasn't sure about Khamira at first. She's so young! But she knows what she's doing.
Must be all the years of tutelage under Lord Gharesh-ri."

After the Battle for Riverhold, she will instead talk about that:

"Zumog Phoom! I hate him! He made me fight my own friends after they fell in battle. And then he raised them again!
Promise me you'll kill the bastard the first chance you get."
"That was a Dragon! Right here in Riverhold! I thought we were finished, but then you … you took him down. That was magnificent!"
"I can't believe Khamira is the heir of Anequina! Royalty, right under our noses this whole time!
Well, at least she's got fight in her. With all that's going on, she's going to need it."