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Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Store Trader's Rest
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Brewer

Benieth is a Bosmer brewer working at the Trader's Rest in the town of Velyn Harbor.


When spoken with, she can be asked additional questions about the upcoming handfasting:

"Fermented meat, spoiled milk, and honey! Those make a good Bosmer brew.
If you want something else, I can help you, too."
Those are unusual ingredients for an Altmer brewmaster, aren't they?
"Not for one who's hoping to supply the drinks for the handfasting!"
I know the Bosmer have their own brewers in Vulkwasten, but perhaps I can put a new twist on their tastes!"
What's the handfasting?
"Truth to tell, I don't know a lot about it. It's a combination wedding/coronation. I guess it only happens every couple of decades, and the next one is coming up! Should be a huge party, and a great chance for me to make some money!"
Where's Vulkwasten?
"It's east of here, past Deepwoods, near the center of the continent.
I've been thinking of going there, to study Bosmer brewing tricks, but with the attack on Velyn Harbor, I'm worried the road is not safe."


  • Her dialogue implies that she is an Altmer, but by all other indications, she is clearly Bosmer.